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More and more enterprises are moving to cloud nowadays, and there is no surprise about it because a cloud platform provides cost-effective, agile features and functionalities that an on-premises/hosted environment cannot offer.

Why move to the cloud?

If you are still unsure about moving to the cloud, then here are a few points that might encourage you to move to the cloud.

  • When you move to the cloud, you don’t have to establish and run a data center, which requires hiring technicians to manage the centers. So, it will reduce the overall cost of organizing and maintaining a data center.
  • With the cloud platform, you and your employees get the flexibility to work from any location just with an Internet connection.
  • You don’t have to purchase and keep additional servers, storage, and licenses. All of these can be managed just from one place.
  • Storing data on the cloud will be more secure than storing it on physical servers and data centers.
  • Cloud platform comes with a wide range of options, such as Office 365 provides various apps to users.
  • No need to update again and again, as the cloud providers take care of updates, i.e. provision of automatic updates.
  • These reasons might encourage you to move to cloud computing.

Why are cloud migration tools important?

Moving to the cloud is not that simple. If you are planning to move to a cloud platform to manage your resources, then you might need some useful cloud migration tools for a successful migration. The suitability of a tool entirely depends on the email server from which you want to migrate to the cloud. For example, there are various email servers used by organizations, such as IMAP, AWS, Domino/Notes, GroupWise, Exchange, etc.

Here, we will talk about 8 best cloud migration tools to help you with the migration.
They are considered as the best cloud migration tools that can help you migrate entire data of your organization to cloud platforms like Office 365, Exchange Online, and SharePoint. Also, these migration tools can be used to migrate data from different email servers to Cloud and more.

#1. Kernel Import PST to Office 365

Many people use MS Outlook for daily communication, which stores data in PST format. When it comes to migrating data to Office 365, you need to import PST to Office 365. Well, there are manual methods to import PST to Office 365, but they are inefficient, complicated and time-consuming.
Import PST to Office 365 tool

So, it is recommended to use Kernel Import PST to Office 365, which is specially designed to migrate PST file of any size to Office 365. It is integrated with various features that make it the first choice of our clients, such as:

  • Import PST file data to user mailboxes, archive mailboxes, shared mailboxes, Groups, and public folders
  • Import every item of a PST file like Emails, Contacts, Tasks, Attachments
  • Allow migrating selective data from PST file based on your requirements
  • Skip already migrated items with incremental import
  • Bulk PST migration to cloud with convenient mapping using CSV file
  • Move PSTs to on-premises and hosted Exchange Server

It is one of the best PST import tools that you will get in the market.

#2. Kernel Office 365 Backup & Restore

Office 365 Backup & Restore tool

If you’re already using Office 365, then you might need to backup Office 365 mailboxes. But there is no easy manual method available to backup Office 365 mailboxes. Kernel Office 365 Backup & Restore is a fantastic utility that can help you backup as well as restore Office 365 mailboxes to the same or another Office 365 account when there is a requirement. It includes various features, such as:

  • Back up Office 365 mailboxes to PST, DOC, DOCX, PDF, and MSG formats
  • Restore PST files to Office 365 account user/archived/shared mailboxes, public folders
  • Filter data for both backup & restore with filtering options
  • Restore PSTs to Exchange Server and backup Exchange Server to PST
  • Bulk migration with automated mapped source and destination mailboxes
  • Export Office 365 Groups to Outlook and import PST data to Office 365 Groups

It makes the overall backup/restore process easier.

#3. Kernel G Suite to Office 365

Many small and mid-size organizations migrate from Google Workspace to Office 365 as they grow in size and look for more advanced facilities. Their migration requirements are easily met by Kernel G Suite to Office 365. With facilities for multiple mailbox migration and incremental migration, this is one of the best tools for small-scale as well as large-scale to migrate data from G Suite to Office 365.

  • Migrates single/multiple mailboxes from G Suite to Office 365
  • Automates migration with CSV file or Super admin account
  • Migrates G Suite data to mailbox, archive mailbox or public folder
  • Supports migration of all G Suite items like emails, Contacts, etc.
  • Allows mapping between G Suite and Office 365 mailboxes
  • Supports all G Suite /Office 365 plans for migration
#4. Kernel Amazon WorkMail to Office 365

Amazon WorkMail to Office 365

Amazon WorkMail is a great email platform that is used by many organizations. But, due to the popularity of Office 365, everyone is migrating their Amazon WorkMail to Office 365. If you are also among planning to migrate to Office 365, then Kernel Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 is the best tool that can help you migrate Amazon WorkMail mailboxes to Office 365. It provides various features, such as:

  • Migrate every item from Amazon WorkMail, such as Emails, Contacts, Appointments, etc.
  • Allow performing migration to both hosted & on-premises Exchange server
  • Controlled migration with selective mailboxes items migration to destination
  • Allow accurate mapping of WorkMail mailboxes to Office 365
  • Migration to individual Office 365 mailboxes (shared, archived mailboxes) and public folders
  • Skip empty folders & already migrated items

You will have a quick and effortless migration with this software.

#5. Kernel Migrator for Exchange

Exchange migrator tool
Exchange Server is one of the best on-premises platforms to manage emailing in an organization but has a lot of issues too. So, a better alternative to it is migrating Exchange mailboxes to Office 365. But, the manual methods to migrate Exchange mailboxes to Office 365 are very complicated, so it’s good to take help from Kernel Migrator for Exchange, which is uniquely created to move data from one server to another, or Office 365. It comes with some useful features, such as:

  • Comes with pre-migration analyzer to avoid any risks during migration
  • Generates web-based migration report to help you understand what exactly happened in the migration process
  • Offers Synchronization between source and target environments
  • Multiple mapping options – Automatic and manual mapping for source & destination mailboxes
  • Migrates permissions, rules, passwords & SID history from source to destination
  • Offer cross-forest and intra-forest migrations in all Exchange versions in addition to the cloud migration

Kernel for Exchange Migrator is one of the most advanced tools that can help you resolve most of your problems related to cloud migration.

#6. Kernel IMAP to Office 365

Not only individuals but many companies also prefer to use IMAP email servers like G-Suite, Gmail, Yahoo, for their day-to-day communication. But, managing multiple user accounts on IMAP servers is not easy. Thus, migrating IMAP mailboxes to Office 365 would be an excellent choice in that case. Though there are manual methods to migrate IMAP mailboxes to Office 365, they are complicated and time-consuming.
IMAP to Office 365
So, if you don’t want to waste your time and keep your data at risk with manual methods, then prefer using Kernel IMAP to Office 365, which is designed with advanced algorithms to make the migration process quick and easier. Some of the advanced features offered by the tool are:

  • Allow you to migrate single/multiple IMAP mailboxes to Office 365
  • Selective data migration from IMAP to Office 365 with the filtering feature
  • Incremental migration provision for IMAP Server mailboxes data
  • IMAP Server mailboxes migration to Archived mailboxes and Public Folder in Office 365
  • Batch mailboxes migration from IMAP Servers to Office 365 mailboxes
  • Compatible with all IMAP email servers like Yahoo, G Suite, AOL, Gmail, etc.

Kernel IMAP to Office 365 is a fantastic utility that relieves you from the pressure of migrating to the cloud.

#7. Kernel Migrator for SharePoint

SharePoint Migrator
Whether you want to migrate your content from one SharePoint Server to another, Google Drive to Google Drive, or OneDrive to OneDrive – Kernel Migrator for SharePoint is a single utility that can help you achieve all these from one place. It even allows you to migrate your SharePoint content to Office 365. The software is enriched with some excellent features, such as:

  • Allows scheduling your migration jobs with an in-built scheduler
  • Capable of migrating every item, including documents, folders, web parts, workflows, etc.
  • Pre-migration analyzer to plan an error-free migration job
  • Move messages from one server to another with the copy-paste feature
  • Bulk migration of data from file system to SharePoint
  • Google Drive and One Drive migrations from one account to another

In short, Kernel Migrator for SharePoint is an all-in-one solution for all your queries related to SharePoint Migration.

#8. Kernel Office 365 Migrator for Lotus Notes

Many businesses still use Lotus Notes/Domino Server for communication, but now it’s time to move to Office 365. Lotus Notes does provide some good features, but they are not even comparable to those of Office 365. So, if you decide to migrate your data to Office 365, then prefer using Kernel Office 365 Migrator for Lotus Notes that allow you to migrate your data quickly without any hassle. It is even capable of migrating Smart Cloud Notes mailboxes to Office 365.
Office 365 Migrator for Lotus Notes
Included with smart features, this software is what all you need for migrating Lotus Notes mailboxes to Office 365.

  • Capable of migrating single/multiple Lotus Notes NSF files to Office 365
  • Skip duplicate items (already migrated data) from migration
  • Supports data migration from SmartCloud Notes and Domino Server
  • Generate preview for local NSF files mailboxes items
  • Apply specific filters based on Date, Item type, Categories, before migrating your data
  • Map mailboxes between Lotus Notes and Office 365

Kernel for Lotus Notes to Office 365 is a spectacular utility that will ease the process of migrating your data.


We all are adopting cloud computing in one or another way because it gives us the flexibility to work from anywhere or any device. But businesses that are still relying on traditional platforms need some professional tools to migrate their data to the cloud. In this article, we have discussed eight best cloud migration tools that can help you migrate your data quickly without any error.

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