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Today organizations need a seamless cloud production environment to meet emerging business challenges. Suppose you’re planning to move your old data to new services and solutions offered by Microsoft Office 365. Let me tell you, a lot of tools are available in the marketplace to perform the operation. But choosing out the best among all is really a task that requires a lot of proper information.

During the pandemic in the past two years, lots of things have changed around the world. And there is a profound change in the work environment – a great change is the transfer of work from the office to home. It has become a part of new living. The ongoing advances in cloud computing led to the transformation of the work atmosphere all over the globe. With Office 365, The entire organization can now be connected through this, irrespective of its size. Microsoft 365 fulfills the demands of every organization, even in a hybrid model.

Factors to be considered before choosing an Office 365 Migration tool

Cloud migrations ask for a great migration tool. To choose the best migration tool, users need to consider a lot of factors. In the world of business, everything revolves around effective solutions. From the customer’s point of view, we believe in providing an effective solution that helps in making the business profitable. And to perform migration there is a need for proper configuration because an error in the configuration process led to Office 365 shared mailbox not showing in outlook. So here is the list of essentials for the best Office 365 email migration tool.

  • SaaS Technology- SAAS is also known for its on-demand services. The growth of SaaS products led to the rise of SaaS Integration platforms such as IAAS (Interface as a Services) and PAAS (Platform as a Services). Office 365 is a new definition of SAAS technology that has the best applications for everything. Here you just can access the application over the internet without any installation and maintenance.
  • Security Features- Today, security is the main requirement when everything is about data, and everything is on the cloud platform. Any service provider must be fully committed when it comes to security. SAAS technology is all about being highly committed to the security of the organization’s data.
  • Data confidentiality- Data migration involves lots of risks. The tools used in the process should have full responsibility for checking the security of files. To avoid the risks with the manual process, automated tools are programmed. With such tools, data is extracted and then migrated accurately.
  • Professional capabilities- Whenever a tool is designed, its main purpose is to fulfill the professional requirements. Basically, enterprises and organizations ask vendors about their specific needs regarding tools. And fulfilling such specific needs is the most important thing.
  • Licensing-For any tool, there must be great licensing options that suit all types of users. So always go for SaaS vendors who have multiple licensing options to make their solutions easy to buy. There is no need to go for a complex design tool in the name of licensing. But try to verify the vendor’s plan, SAAS license, and flexibility around the technology.
  • Updates- After a new tool or application is released, there is always a need for regular updates. These updates are going to guarantee security fixes on a regular basis. Frequent updates ensure advanced security features. This allows us to be more confident about the tool.
  • Customer support – Customer support is the most important thing regarding any tool and its services. As a vendor, it is our fundamental duty to look after the clients’ needs. Companies always provide them with the best services related to the tool. For a better experience, always enquire about customer satisfaction, internal process quality, employee satisfaction, and financial performance.
A professional tool for Office 365 migration

In a very short period of time, the market has witnessed the rapid growth of Cloud computing and SAAS Technology. Microsoft 365 is a SAAS-based suite designed to manage day-to-day work in different ways. It offers features for creating, collaborating, analyzing, writing, presenting, and organizing. Companies that are adopting SAAS technology will be going to lead in the future as their services are going to have an edge. Hence to support such organizations, we have a solution that accomplishes professional migrations – Kernel Office 365 Migration. This automated tool is designed to perform quick and effortless Office 365 migrations. It migrates mailboxes, public folders, archive mailboxes, and much more. Using its advanced user interface, one can easily perform large and small migrations and even grant permissions to other Microsoft 365 mailboxes to perform the migration. We provide the best data migration solution in the market. And we never compromise the quality and functionality of the tool.


Cloud migration is a challenging process that involves various things to be considered. Today each migration vendor is offering different solutions. Therefore, this article is going to elaborate on how to choose the best among all. Though the primary purpose of this tool is to smoothen the process of migration, there are many things to consider before going with a migration tool.

Kernel Migrator for Office 365