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The trend of hustle culture is growing rapidly. Individuals are juggling multiple tasks simultaneously, while organizations are managing numerous projects assigned to various employees. Reliable task management tools are essential for everyone to minimize confusion and establish an efficient system. Since there are a few shared mailbox limitations in Office 365, it is better to handle tasks individually.Task management involves monitoring projects throughout their entire life cycle, from planning to execution.

Microsoft 365 promptly introduced several useful task management tools, enhancing collaboration and communication features across its applications. Professionals can utilize these tools effectively to achieve efficient task management in Office 365.

  • Microsoft To-do
  • Microsoft Planner
  • Tasks in Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Lists
  • Microsoft Bookings

Let us understand these in detail-

Microsoft To-do

Microsoft To-do is a cloud-based application that organizes tasks based on priority, enabling users to efficiently plan and manage them in one place. It is particularly well-suited for individual task management.

Key features of this facility are:
  • Wider accessibility
    It is available to use across web browsers, Windows, Android, and iPhones. You can access your to-do lists from any of these platforms.
  • My Day utility
    This unique utility allows users to focus only on the tasks aligned for the present day. It is important to perform all the necessary tasks for the user.
  • Collaboration with Planner
    This integration between the applications allows users to manage personal and professional tasks effectively.
  • Simple lists
    All the added tasks are presented in a list format along with due dates and reminders, which is simple and easy to understand.
  • Easy sharing
    Any list can be shared with colleagues, family, and friends to keep you always connected with them.Easy sharing
Microsoft Planner

To handle multiple projects concurrently, you require a robust tool, and Microsoft Planner happens to be precisely that.

It’s a streamlined web-based application enabling users to create plans, assign tasks, share documents, receive updates, and effectively communicate and collaborate with team members. Since employers cannot always attempt message tracing in Exchange Online, is it mostly suitable for groups working on various projects to work on this utility.

Key features of this facility:
  • Detailed tasks
    When you add a task in Planner, it also keeps tabs on the start date, due date, progress, notes, attachments, and priority status.
  • Bucket feature
    The Bucket feature enables users to separate their tasks into distinct categories according to their preferences. This will ensure clarity of which task belongs to which department.
  • Integration with Outlook and To-do
    Planner integrates smoothly with To-do as well as Calendar. Hence, all the tasks will be pulled in automatically.
  • Visual bifurcation
    It is loaded with aspects like the Planners web or Chart view, which present the status of the projects through pie charts and assorted color coding. This will give you an idea at a single glance.
  • Add checklist
    A big project is always dependent on a vast number of minor tasks. These subtasks are called Checklist and can be added under a single tool panel.Add checklist
Tasks in Microsoft Teams

If all your work revolves around Microsoft Teams, then you should add the Tasks application to it.
Tasks is a work management solution that integrates tasks from To-do and Planner, simplifying the process by centralizing them within Teams.

Key features of this facility:
  • The My Tasks section contains all the tasks which have been assigned to you and divides them into separate categories like Tasks, Important, Planned, and Assigned to me.
  • All the tasks are presented in a clear List format. It even allows users to add filters or changes.
  • It sends a notification whenever tasks are assigned as well as unassigned to you through the Planner application.
  • Here, even a bulk edit is possible where multiple tasks can be edited all at once.bulk edit is possible where multiple tasks
Microsoft Lists

If you’re seeking a quick, adaptable, and user-friendly way to manage information, Microsoft Lists should be your preferred application.
Lists is an intelligent application for tracking and organizing work, allowing you to create lists from Excel, predefined templates, or start from scratch.

Key features of this facility:
  • Variety of lists
    The users can enjoy many options of lists. They can begin with a blank sheet, an existing one, or an Excel sheet. There are a lot of templates available like event itinerary, travel requests, expense tracker, employee onboarding, etc.
  • Elaborate lists
    Just like a table, it does contain rows and columns, but many other items can be added here like contacts, links, attachments, pictures, dates, filters, and pictures.
  • More viewing options
    The viewing options are flexible for the members as it allows four options- Grid, Gallery, List, and Custom. The users can choose according to their preference and even adjust it further with conditional formatting.
  • Wide integration
    The Lists can be instantly automated with some other Microsoft 365 applications like Teams, Power Apps, SharePoint, and Power Automate.
  • Apply rules
    Certain rules can be applied to create automation in certain aspects, including reminders and notifications. The control of these rules lies with the owner.Apply rules
Microsoft Bookings

Professionals are often swamped with calls and meetings, leading to scheduling chaos. To streamline this, Bookings should be your top choice to bring order to your calendar.
This user-friendly application within the Microsoft Office suite assists individuals in scheduling and managing all their appointments.

Key features of this facility
  • Clarity of meetings
    Its functioning is as easy as it can get. Book an appointment, reschedule it, and get reminders about it. This creates a clear picture in the pre-occupied mind of the user.
  • Highly customizable
    It provides the flexibility to customize appointments across various departments with page structures and information.
  • Confirmation and reminders
    The tool automatically sends confirmation and reminders of all the fixed calls and meetings.
  • Easy virtual meetings
    Once an online meeting is booked on this platform, it creates a link on its own that all the other colleagues can join.
  • Integration with Office applications
    This application is well supported by other Office suite applications like Outlook, Teams, Calendars, and more.Integration with Office applications
Take a backup of Office 365 data

Protecting tasks is as vital as managing them. To safeguard data from threats and risks, companies and individuals frequently resort to regular data backups. Given the complexity and significance of this task, it should be performed using a reliable and trusted utility. The Kernel Export Office 365 to PST software ticks off all the requirements. It encompasses a swift process wherein all mailboxes can be saved in an appropriate output format. Additionally, specific filters can be applied to selectively preserve the data.

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Managing tasks becomes exceptionally smooth with Microsoft 365, offering diverse facilities each with its unique advantages. Platforms like To-Do, Planner, Lists, and Bookings are specifically designed within Microsoft 365 for effective task management. Furthermore, Tasks in Microsoft Teams further aids users in managing their assignments. To ensure data security, users opt for Office 365 Backup, a professional software that not only safeguards their data but also facilitates easy retrieval and find old emails in Office 365.