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Summary: Microsoft Teams is a robust collaboration tool seamlessly integrated with Office 365. It offers features like unified access, innovative channels, quick search, and robust security, making it an efficient and secure platform for team projects in organizations.

Microsoft Teams has come a long way since its inception, evolving into the ultimate chat-based and video meetings/conference collaboration tool in today’s market. It has seamlessly integrated itself into the core operations of organizations, serving as an indispensable platform for sharing information and fostering clear and transparent communication among team members. Microsoft Teams has firmly established its position as a valuable component within the Microsoft 365 Family of Products. With its real-time communication capabilities and a rich array of features including chats, group chats, file sharing, calling, live events, educational tools, protocols, online meetings, and robust document storage, it outshines other similar programs like Google Hangouts or Slack.

If you’ve had any experience collaborating on team projects, you’ll quickly recognize the significance of Microsoft Teams. What sets it apart is the diverse array of features offered by each program within Teams, allowing you to tailor your usage to match your specific requirements.

In this article, we will talk about five such features of Microsoft Teams that will encourage you to use this utility for your team projects.

  1. Complete integration with Office 365

    Similar to other Microsoft products, Teams boasts seamless integration with Office 365, making it a natural and advantageous extension for your team projects if you’re already utilizing Office 365. In our daily office routines, we rely on Office 365 applications like MS Office, SharePoint, and more, and Microsoft Teams effortlessly incorporates all of these essential tools into its ecosystem.

    Moreover, you can easily create teams within Office Groups, restore deleted Groups, or edit Group emails, which makes it a flexible tool to be used.

  2. Access emails, OneDrive, and Skype directly

    Microsoft Teams offers the convenience of accessing all your Office 365 applications in a single, unified platform, significantly enhancing your efficiency at work. This means you can effortlessly reach your documents stored in OneDrive and SharePoint from one centralized location. Moreover, you can seamlessly initiate video conferences and meetings directly from within Teams, streamlining your communication and collaboration processes.
    In times when people seek a one-stop solution to streamline their tasks, Microsoft Teams meets this demand by offering a unified platform that encompasses everything you require in a single place—messages, documents, notes, meetings, and more.

  3. Channels

    Channels represent one of the most innovative aspects of Microsoft Teams. They offer a straightforward way to create distribution lists for multiple team members. What sets this feature apart is the ability to establish dedicated channels for specific issues or topics, enabling swift resolution of complex problems without unnecessary distractions.
    Another valuable feature that accompanies Channels is the Conversation Tab, which automatically appears with each channel you create. This makes it incredibly simple to invite additional members to join a channel as needed.

  4. Quick search for information

    The search function within Microsoft Teams proves to be exceptionally valuable, enabling you to swiftly locate pertinent information from previous conversations and files. Additionally, when scheduling group meetings and needing to invite all members through Teams, the search function proves indispensable in efficiently locating all relevant groups. Moreover, it extends its utility by allowing you to search for information related to Microsoft Teams, including Exchange, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online.

  5. Secure collaboration both internally and externally

    Security is a paramount concern for enterprises, particularly when transitioning to cloud-based solutions. Microsoft Teams offers robust security measures that outshine many of its competitors. When you opt for Microsoft Teams with an Office 365 subscription, you gain access to state-of-the-art security and compliance features. Moreover, you have the flexibility to customize your Teams environment, making it private or publicly accessible to other users as per your specific requirements. This adaptability enhances your control over security settings.
    Microsoft Teams offers advanced security controls, including features like data loss prevention, retention policies, information barriers, legal holds, and a host of other capabilities. Furthermore, it’s essential to note that all applications within the Office 365 suite adhere to rigorous compliance standards, encompassing ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC 2, and EU model clauses. This commitment to compliance ensures that your organization’s data and operations meet the highest security and regulatory requirements.


Microsoft Teams stands as an innovative application that has the potential to significantly enhance collaboration among team members and clients. Incorporating this solution into your organization can be one of the most rewarding investments. In this discussion, we’ve explored numerous features of Microsoft Teams that could inspire you to consider leveraging the Office 365 Migration tool to make the most of its capabilities.