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It has been a long time since Microsoft Teams came into the market. Now, it has become an ultimate chat-based and video meetings/conference collaboration tool for organizations. Microsoft Teams has now become an integral part of companies and enterprises to share information and communicate at the personal level leaving no ambiguity or opaqueness among team members for smooth business operations. It is a valuable part of the Microsoft 365 Family of Products. It is helpful for real-time communications, and its features like chats, group chats, file sharing, calling, live events, education, protocols, online meetings, and storage for decked-out documents make it stand out from other similar programs like Google Hangouts or Slack.

If you have ever worked on any team project, then you simply cannot ignore the importance of Teams. What makes it more unique is that each program in Teams has a different set of features, which can be used based on your needs.

In this article, we will talk about five such features of Microsoft Teams that will encourage you to use this utility for your team projects.

  1. Complete integration with Office 365

    Just like other Microsoft products, Teams is also fully integrated with Office 365, which makes it a perfect addition to your team project if you’re already using Office 365. We keep using Office 365 applications in our offices on a daily basis, such as MS Office, SharePoint, etc. All these applications are completely integrated into Microsoft Teams.

    Moreover, you can easily create teams within Office Groups, restore deleted Groups, or edit Group emails, which makes it a flexible tool to be used.

  2. Access emails, OneDrive, and Skype directly

    With Microsoft Teams, you can access all your Office 365 applications in one place, which will make you more efficient at work. For example, you can access your documents in OneDrive and SharePoint in one location, and also make video calls for conferences directly from the Teams.
    Most individuals want to access everything in one place when they’re stuck in a task. Microsoft Teams fill this requirement by providing you everything that you need in the same place, such as messages, documents, notes, meetings, etc.

  3. Channels

    Channels are one of the most innovative features of Microsoft Teams. It provides a simple distribution list for multiple members of a team. What’s more unique about this feature is that you can create a specific channel related to a particular problem. This will help you resolve complicated issues quickly without any distractions.
    Another great feature that is added with Channels is Conversation Tab, which will appear with every channel you create. If you want to invite any other member to a Channel, you can do it easily.

  4. Quick search for information

    The search function in Microsoft Teams is extremely helpful, as it allows you to find relevant information from past conversations or files quickly. Also, if you want to schedule meetings for your group to invite all members to Teams, then the search function can be very helpful in searching all groups. You can even search for information related to Microsoft Teams, including Exchange, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online.

  5. Secure collaboration both internally and externally

    Well, security is always a major concern for enterprises, especially when moving to the cloud. But Microsoft Teams provides immense protection as compared to its competitors. Microsoft Teams is available with Office 365 subscription. So, you will get cutting-edge security and compliance capabilities. You are allowed to customize your Teams to be private and publicly available for other users based on your requirements.
    Also, with Microsoft Teams, you get access to advance security controls, such as data loss prevention, retention policies, information barriers, legal hold, and much more. All applications available with Office 365 follows the compliance standards – ISO 27001, HIPPA, SOC 2, and EU model clauses.


Microsoft Teams is an innovative application that can help in improving collaboration between team members and clients. Implementing this solution in your organization would be one of the best investments. Here, we talked about several features of Microsoft Teams that might encourage you to use the Office 365 Migration tool.