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Summary – Nowadays, various professionals and organizations are switching to Microsoft Outlook because of its wide range of benefits like security, offline accessibility, data management, etc. Do you also want to sync Lotus Notes Calendar with Outlook? Don’t worry; here in this post, you will get to know about two manual approaches and an automated tool to sync Lotus Notes calendar with Outlook.

Both Lotus Notes and Outlook are widely used email clients by email users and organizations. They provide facilities like email, calendars, address book, tasks, and databases. However, there is a major difference between these two: Lotus Notes uses NSF file format to save files, whereas Outlook uses PST file format.

Nowadays, most businesses and professionals are migrating Lotus Notes data, including the Calendar, to Microsoft Outlook because of Outlook’s additional features and advanced security. Below are a few common reasons to sync Lotus Notes Calendar with Outlook:

But, because of the different file formats used in both platforms. The users find it difficult to export the data to Outlook. So, to sync Lotus Notes calendar with Outlook, users must convert NSF files into PST file format. Here, in this blog, you will get to know two different methods to export lotus Notes calendar data with Outlook.

Manual approach to sync Lotus Notes Calendar with Outlook

The manual method to sync Lotus Notes Calendar with Outlook is divided into two phases. Below, we are going to outline various steps of both phases.

Phase 1- Convert Lotus Notes Calendar into ICS Format
  • Open the Lotus Notes application on your system and select Calendar.
  • You can view the calendar entries by clicking on the View option.
  • Select the File tab and from the drop-down menu, select Export.
  • The Export dialogue will appear. Here, give a name to the converted (NSF to ICS) File under the box Filename.
  • Under the Save As option, select the file type as Calendar File (.ics). Click on the Export option.
  • iCal Export dialogue box will appear. Select the radio button, “All Documents.” Click OK.
Phase 2- Import ICS file to MS Outlook
  • Launch Microsoft Outlook and click File from the menu bar.
  • Select Open & Export option from the left panel and click on Export/Import.
  • Select ‘Import an iCalendar,’ and then click Next.
  • Browse and select the ICS file that you created in the first stage.
  • Select Calendar as the destination for iCS file.
  • Select the option Import from the different options that appear on the screen, and your desired ICS calendar file is imported to Outlook.
Professional approach to sync Lotus Notes Calendar with Outlook

The second method to sync Lotus Notes Calendar with Outlook is professional software or a third-party tool that guarantees quick and efficient conversion. One such professional tool is Kernel for Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter. It efficiently exports data from Lotus Notes NSF files to Outlook PST files. The data can be filtered as per your requirement before migration. Apart from this, you can view the converted files before saving them. This professional tool has user-friendly features that do not require much technical knowledge. You can also split the converted large-size NSF files into small-size PST files without losing data integrity.


The Lotus Notes calendar contains all the useful information and assigned tasks that require regular checks that cannot be ignored. There are no such methods where you can share Lotus Notes Calendar entries directly to Outlook. In this blog, we discussed both manual and professional methods to sync lotus Notes Calendar with Outlook. The manual method is time-consuming and does not guarantee complete results. Moreover, this method works only if the data is small.
On the contrary, a professional tool Kernel NSF to PST Converter, works efficiently in no time. You can initially use the trial version to see the perfect results. Later you can purchase the NSF to PST Converter full version.