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Microsoft OneDrive is the cloud service that each Microsoft or Office 365 account holder can use for storing their files. Office 365 provides substantial storage space from several GBs to multiple TBs, and the free Microsoft account (Outlook.com) gets 5 GB. Additionally, there can be a OneDrive for desktop in Windows systems to directly synchronize the files from Windows files/folders to cloud space without uploading or downloading them.

By default, the OneDrive data is stored in the cloud safely. So, the user can access, share, sync, create, and delete files from any device like computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. Many users consider OneDrive as a safe backup of their important files in Windows drives.

Methods to Recover Deleted Items

If some of the files are deleted from OneDrive, you should use efficient methods to recover deleted OneDrive files and restore them in OneDrive account again.

1. Recover Deleted Items in OneDrive

  • Log in to the OneDrive website (URL – https://onedrive.live.com/about/en-us/signin/ ) using your Microsoft credentials.
  • On the account page, you can see a Recycle bin. It can contain the deleted items in it for a limited time.
  • In Recycle Bin, you can see that some of the deleted folders are present.
  • Recycle Bin

  • You should choose any folder and click the option to Restore.
  • click the option to Restore

  • Now, you can go to the My Files folder and see that the deleted files from OneDrive are back to their original location to their original location.
  • My Files folder

Important Notes to remember to restore deleted OneDrive files safely.

During the manual attempt to restore deleted files from OneDrive in the Recycle Bin, there are several checklists that you should remember for effective restoration.

  • If you are using OneDrive with your personal Microsoft account, there will be an option ‘Restore all items’ to are using OneDrive with your personal Microsoft account, there will be an option.
  • The users who are using a Personal vault to keep their files can also use Recycle Bin to recover the items. But, the user must unlock the personal vault before checking Recycle Bin. In the Recycle Bin, you can click ‘Show Personal Vault Items,’ showing the deleted items from the personal vault.
  • Deleted items in Recycle Bin will delete permanently after 30 days of deletion. After that, you cannot restore OneDrive files to your account.
  • The deleted items will be deleted permanently after 93 days of deletion (although the Office 365 Administrator can change the settings).
  • Restore deleted items from the computer
  • As mentioned earlier, there is OneDrive for desktop that synchronizes computer data directly with the cloud account. If you have deleted folders from this folder, you should not go to the OneDrive website but check your computer’s Recycle Bin. If you find these items, then you can restore them easily.

  • To restore OneDrive files in the Mac computer users can go to their Trash folder and check for the deleted items. Later, use the Put Back option after right-clicking them. The file or folder will go back to OneDrive.

2. Restore OneDrive to a previous time

If you are using business and enterprise subscriptions of Office 365, you can create a special custom date to restore the data. So, if any item is deleted or any other action has occurred, all the changes will be undone after you restore delete OneDrive files to a previous date.

It is highly beneficial for the user to use this setting to protect OneDrive from sudden deletion, unfinished upload or download, user mismanagement, etc.

  1. Log in to the OneDrive website and click the Settings option with the Gear icon. Choose, Restore your OneDrive
  2. click the option to Restore

  3. To select a date, you can open the drop-down list and click ‘Custom date and time.’
  4. select a date

Use automated software

Kernel Migration for SharePoint is a necessary utility software that can help you protect OneDrive data by moving them into another account or local system. It is one of the best SharePoint backup solutions that support OneDrive backup also. It can access OneDrive data and migrate them into other accounts. There are ample features and filter options to help you move OneDrive data safely. Also, it can migrate data from on-premises File Share to SharePoint when there is a need.


OneDrive helps businesses store important documents in the cloud so that they can be accessed globally. The administrator can easily manage these files and the personal vault with security. We have given you all the useful methods to restore deleted items and save them in their original locations.

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