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Summary: Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage service available to Microsoft and Office 365 users, offering ample storage space for file storage and synchronization across devices. Users can recover deleted items from OneDrive through the Recycle Bin on the website, with options to restore individual files or entire folders. It’s a crucial tool for businesses to securely store and manage important documents. Additionally, SharePoint Migration provides a reliable backup solution for OneDrive data, enabling migration and protection of crucial files.

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud-based service available to all Microsoft and Office 365 users, allowing them to store their files. Office 365 offers a significant amount of storage, ranging from several gigabytes to multiple terabytes. Users with a free Microsoft account ( receive 5 GB of storage. Moreover, Windows systems can have a desktop version of OneDrive, enabling seamless synchronization of files and folders between the local system and the cloud without the need for manual uploading or downloading.

The OneDrive platform securely stores data in the cloud as the default setting. This enables users to conveniently manage their files—such as accessing, sharing, syncing, creating, and deleting—across various devices like computers, smartphones, and tablets. OneDrive is often regarded by users as a reliable backup for their vital files stored in Windows drives.

Recover Deleted Items

If some of the files are deleted from OneDrive, you should use efficient methods to recover deleted OneDrive files and restore them in OneDrive account again.

Recover Deleted Items in OneDrive
  • Log in to the OneDrive website (URL – ) using your Microsoft credentials.
  • On the account page, you can see a Recycle bin. It can contain the deleted items in it for a limited time.
  • In Recycle Bin, you can see that some of the deleted folders are present.
  • Recycle Bin

  • You should choose any folder and click the option to Restore.
  • click the option to Restore

  • Now, you can go to the My Files folder and see that the deleted files from OneDrive are back to their original location to their original location.
  • My Files folder

Important Notes to remember to restore deleted OneDrive files safely.

In the process of manually recovering deleted files from OneDrive’s Recycle Bin, it’s important to keep in mind various checklists to ensure a successful restoration.

  • When utilizing OneDrive with your individual Microsoft account, an option labeled ‘Restore all items’ will be available.
  • Users utilizing a Personal vault to store their files have the option to utilize the Recycle Bin for item recovery. However, unlocking the personal vault is a prerequisite before accessing the Recycle Bin. Within the Recycle Bin interface, selecting ‘Show Personal Vault Items’ reveals deleted items from the personal vault.
  • Deleted items in Recycle Bin will delete permanently after 30 days of deletion. After that, you cannot restore OneDrive files to your account.
  • The deleted items will be deleted permanently after 93 days of deletion (although the Office 365 Administrator can change the settings).
  • Restore deleted items from the computer
  • Previously noted, OneDrive for desktop facilitates direct synchronization of computer data with the associated cloud account. Should you delete folders from this location, it is advisable not to visit the OneDrive website; instead, examine your computer’s Recycle Bin. If you locate the deleted items there, you can effortlessly restore them.

  • To recover OneDrive files on a Mac computer, users should navigate to their Trash folder and locate the deleted items. Subsequently, they can employ the “Put Back” feature by right-clicking on the desired file or folder, causing it to be restored to OneDrive.
Restore OneDrive to a Previous Time

If you have a business or enterprise subscription for Office 365, you have the capability to establish a unique customized date for data restoration. Consequently, if an item is deleted or any other action takes place, you can revert all modifications by restoring OneDrive files to a prior date of your choice.

It is highly beneficial for the user to use this setting to protect OneDrive from sudden deletion, unfinished upload or download, user mismanagement, etc.

  1. Log in to the OneDrive website and click the Settings option with the Gear icon. Choose, Restore your OneDrive
  2. click the option to Restore

  3. To select a date, you can open the drop-down list and click ‘Custom date and time.’
  4. select a date


OneDrive enables organizations to securely store vital documents in the cloud, facilitating global accessibility. Administrators can effortlessly oversee these files and the personal vault while ensuring robust security measures. We have provided comprehensive methods for efficiently restoring deleted items and preserving them in their initial locations.

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