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Cloud Computing has become very popular nowadays and is helping everyone who has access to the Internet. Now, users upload their useful files on cloud platforms rather than saving them on a hard drive as it allows them to access their required data whenever or wherever they want. There are several cloud platforms that are solely used to store and retrieve files. Among two cloud service providers, two tech giants boast of getting the maximum number of users – Google and Microsoft. They provide Google Drive (Google Workspace) and OneDrive (Office 365), respectively.

Sync Google Drive with OneDrive

Google offers 15 GB of free space to each user. These 15 GB is shared between all the Google-based applications, including Google Drive. On the other hand, Microsoft has OneDrive that provides a free 5 GB of space, and you can upload individual files or entire folders to it. As Google and Microsoft are the two biggest tech companies, most users use these platforms.

When users are using Google Drive and OneDrive at the same time, they may need to transfer their files and folders from one platform to another. Therefore, we may need to find some transfer methods to sync both platforms and make a bridge to migrate the data easily.

Method-1. Download data from Google Drive and upload to OneDrive

When the number and size of files are low, you can easily download data from Google Drive and upload it on OneDrive.

  1. Sign in to Google Drive, choose the files, right-click to them and choose Download.
  2. Sign in to OneDrive, then choose the Upload button and upload the downloaded files from Google Drive.

This is the simplest method that is feasible when the data is less and the network speed is fast. When there is a large amount of data, then you should not go for it.

Method-2. Use Google Takeout to export specific data

Google Takeout is a special service of Google that can export data as an offline file directly to OneDrive. Follow the steps-

  1. Login to Google Takeout by using the URL –
  2. All Google applications are present in the list, and you can select by checking the box. Click Next after choosing all the apps.
    select Google applications by checking the box
  3. In the Deliver Method, choose ‘Add to OneDrive
    Choose Add to OneDrive
  4. Select the Frequency and File Type & size. Then click Link accounts and create export.
    Select the Frequency and File Type
  5. The sign-in window will prompt you to log in with OneDrive account. Click Next.
    log in with OneDrive account
  6. Google will require permission to work with its folder in OneDrive. Click Yes.
    Google require permission to work with its folder
  7. Click the button ‘create new export’ that will create a new export consisting of all the data you have selected earlier.
    Click on create new export
  8. The data will export and show you a new link that you can click to reach directly to the OneDrive location where data is exported. In OneDrive, there will be a new folder with the name ‘Google Download Your Data.’
    Google Drive to OneDrive data transfered

You can open the zipped file and check all the contents.

Method-3. Use Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow provides you some templates that you can choose to synchronize data between OneDrive and Google Drive.

  1. First, you need to create two dedicated folders at both platforms that will have the data during synchronization.
  2. In OneDrive, Go to the Flow app and select the correct Flow Template. It is ‘Sync new OneDrive Files to Google Drive Files.’
  3. Connect the correct folders between Google Drive and OneDrive. You can select folders from both platforms.
  4. Test your connection for newly created Flow.
  5. Now, you can sync data and check it in both folders.


When you create a synchronization between Google Drive and OneDrive, you have to keep an eye on the connection that it does not break or any folders are not stuck while syncing. However, if you are planning to migrate OneDrive to Google Drive or from Google Drive to OneDrive, you need to use Kernel Migration for SharePoint; SharePoint Migration tool.

The software will migrate the data between the cloud platforms of Google and Microsoft, i.e., Google Drive and OneDrive. For selective migrations, the software can migrate the data after applying the proper filter and migrating the permissions. The software can also schedule the migration at an appropriate time. You can easily add both Google Drive and OneDrive for Business account and migrate unlimited amount of data between them.

Kernel Google Drive Migration