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Summary: Being a SharePoint admin poses its own set of challenges, especially when tasked with migrating from SharePoint 2019 to SharePoint Online. In the era of cloud dominance, many organizations are embracing the shift to cloud-based solutions for their data. When assigned the responsibility of migrating our SharePoint data, I found myself uncertain about the most effective approach to tackle the task.

After diving into thorough research and testing, I unearthed two straightforward approaches for migrating from SharePoint 2019 to SharePoint Online. In this account, I’ll recount my own journey and walk you through the steps of both migration techniques. The initial method involves employing the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool, while the alternative method employs a proficient third-party tool. Join me as we delve into the intricacies of both methods, empowering you to make a well-informed decision.

Method 1: Microsoft SharePoint migration tool

Here’s a revamped version: The official Microsoft SharePoint Migration tool is designed to facilitate seamless migration, supporting SharePoint Server versions 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019. For a smooth and hassle-free migration from SharePoint 2019 to SharePoint Online, simply follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Download & install the tool

Firstly, download the Microsoft SharePoint Migration tool from this link:

Microsoft SharePoint Migration

Step 2: Easy sign-In

Once you’ve downloaded the tool, go ahead and install it. Then, simply input your Office 365 user credentials to make logging in a breeze.


Using Microsoft SharePoint migration tool
Step 1: Data type source

Once you enter the tool, you’ll find three migration choices for transitioning from SharePoint on Premises to Online: SharePoint on-premises, file share, or bulk migrations using JSON or CSV files. Opt for the SharePoint on-premises option.
Data type source

Step 2: Browse for the files

Afterward, locate the data files on your system. Select all the relevant files and examine them carefully before proceeding to upload them to SharePoint.Browse for the files

Step 3: Choose the destination

Choose the library where your data will reside. To ensure convenient access for others in your organization, conclude the URL with only your site name.Choose the destination

Step 4: Review & upload

Finally, double-check both the source and destination locations, as well as your data. Then, simply tap on “Migrate” to initiate the migration process. The duration of the migration may vary depending on the amount of data involved but generally takes a few minutes. review and upload

Method 2: Professional third-party tool

When we talk about SharePoint 2019 to SharePoint Online migration, the best method will be to utilize a professional third-party tool like the Kernel Migration for SharePoint. With this top-notch software, SharePoint migration is quick, smooth & convenient.

  • Supports all the versions of SharePoint including SharePoint 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, SharePoint Online, etc.
  • Migrates content along with metadata so that everything is transferred correctly & accurately.
  • Migrates bulk data with sizeable sites and site collections easily.
  • Allows to migrate customized permissions in source SharePoint account.
  • The automated migration scheduler makes the migration process run smoothly & efficiently.

It is the ideal tool for migrating SharePoint on Premises to SharePoint Online content. Its easy-to-use interface & powerful features guarantee a successful migration.

Wrapping Up

Consider both the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool and the expert third-party solution, Kernel Migration for SharePoint, as suitable choices for migrating from SharePoint 2019 to SharePoint Online. However, for a dependable and streamlined migration experience, opting for the professional third-party tool is highly recommended. Utilize its advanced algorithms and user-friendly interface to effortlessly transfer your SharePoint data. Additionally, rest assured as it ensures the complete security of your data throughout the migration process. Say goodbye to migration headaches—try the trial version now.

Q. How are SharePoint Server 2019 and SharePoint Online different?

A. The SharePoint 2019 software is an on-premises option & SharePoint Online is a cloud service available via Microsoft 365 subscription. Security, payment models & system requirements differ between the two platforms.

Q. Why is SharePoint Online better than on premise?

A. There are no special hardware or software requirements for SharePoint Online. You can get it as part of Microsoft 365. If you plan to use SharePoint On-Premises, your organization will need specialized hardware & software infrastructure.

Kernel Migration for SharePoint