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Summary: The need for SharePoint backup, especially in SharePoint Online due to online threats, is crucial to prevent data loss or corruption. This article discusses the top 5 SharePoint backup solutions: Kernel Migrator, UpSafe Office 365 Cloud Backup, Metalogix Backup, AvePoint Backup and Restore, and SkyKick Cloud Backup. It highlights their main features, benefits, drawbacks, supported environments, and pricing for users to make an informed decision.

SharePoint Server is a collaborative tool for data management and sharing, necessitating proactive backup measures to mitigate potential issues such as data inaccessibility, corruption, or loss. SharePoint Online, being cloud-based, is vulnerable to online threats like hacking attempts, viruses, ransomware, and similar issues. Consequently, finding a robust backup solution for SharePoint Online data is imperative.

Within the market, numerous options for SharePoint backup solutions exist, making the selection process challenging. To simplify this decision, we will outline the top five SharePoint backup solutions, allowing users to choose based on their specific requirements and financial considerations.

5 Best SharePoint Backup Solutions

Given here is the list of the top five SharePoint Backup solutions available in the market:

Let us ponder over the main features of each of these solutions and then analyze their capabilities to make the right choice.

Kernel Migrator for SharePoint

A SharePoint Migrator tool for performing all types of migrations as well as SharePoint backups. (Read more)

While primarily designed for SharePoint migrations, this tool also allows users to create a local backup by downloading a copy from their SharePoint. Its strength lies in its reliability for smooth migrations, seamless backups, and speedy restorations. It’s an economical choice that fulfills various SharePoint needs, especially related to backups and restorations.
migration tool

Main Features

  • Backs up SharePoint (On-premises and Online) to File System
  • Filters like Date Filter, File Filter, User Filter, etc. for flexible backup
  • Allows choosing the desired destination for the SharePoint files and folders
  • Migrations between SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and SharePoint Online
  • File System to SharePoint, Google Drive, and OneDrive migrations;
  • Google Drive to Google Drive and OneDrive to OneDrive migrations

UpSafe Office 365 Cloud Backup

The UpSafe Office 365 Cloud Backup tool offers comprehensive backup and precise recovery of specified data. It facilitates the backup of Microsoft 365 SharePoint data and enables effortless restoration to a chosen location with just a few clicks. It is a reliable solution for backing up SharePoint.
Office 365 Cloud Backup tool

Main Features

  • Creates a complete and quick SharePoint backup
  • Provides the whole list of SharePoint farm components for backup
  • Restores from old SharePoint backups
  • Restores to SharePoint Server directly
  • Backup and restore SharePoint Server from a single console

Metalogix Backup for SharePoint

The provided backup and recovery solution asserts its capability to securely back up diverse types of SharePoint content and seamlessly restore them to SharePoint versions 2010 and beyond. It streamlines the process of backing up the entire spectrum of SharePoint data, encompassing databases, applications, and configurations. Moreover, it serves as a safeguard against potential SharePoint data loss, ensuring protection in various scenarios. Furthermore, it enables prompt, user-centric recovery when needed.
backup and recovery solution

Main Features

  • Creates a complete and quick SharePoint backup
  • Provides the whole list of SharePoint farm components for backup
  • Restores from old SharePoint backups
  • Restores to SharePoint Server directly
  • Backup and restore SharePoint Server from a single console

AvePoint Backup and Restore for SharePoint

This is a smart backup and recovery solution for SharePoint Server – for On-premises (SharePoint 2010 and above), SharePoint Online (Microsoft 365), and hybrid deployments.

This is a secure and reliable platform with a bunch of features and functions. It helps you perform centralized tracking and management. It is easy to meet SLA compliances with this tool.
solution for SharePoint Server – for On-premises

Main Features

  • Provisions for full as well as incremental backups
  • Backs up and restores SharePoint content
  • Automated backup with retention and compliance rules
  • Backup OneDrive for Business and Virtual Machines too
  • Preserves metadata, version histories, security settings, etc.

SkyKick Cloud Backup

This platform offers a comprehensive backup and restoration solution for cloud services such as SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft 365. Utilizing cloud-based technology, it enables the recovery of data following corruption, accidental deletions, and other unforeseen incidents. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, and users have the option to try it out for free.
get back the data after corruption

Main Features

  • Backup SharePoint Online sites, subsites, lists, folders, files, and versions
  • Find SharePoint Sites for backup
  • Unlimited retention of deleted items and backup of SharePoint content
  • Quick data restoration with powerful search and restore facilities
  • Restore full or specific SharePoint Site collections

If users are still in confusion about selecting the best from the above-suggested solutions, then they can analyze the limitations of the tools along with the discussed features, then go with the most suited one.

This analysis is purely on a research basis. Users can try the above solutions personally one after the other and select the best one for them for performing the exclusive SharePoint Backup. We hope this blog would be a help to all.

Comparison of SharePoint Backup Solutions

If you are still in confusion about selecting the best tool from the above-suggested solutions, then you can analyze the features and limitations of the tool from the table and then go with the most suited one.

Kernel Migrator for SharePoint UpSafe Office 365 Cloud Backup Metalogix Backup for SharePoint AvePoint Backup and Restore for SharePoint SkyKick Cloud Backup
  • Pre-Migration Analysis
  • Backup of Sites, Lists, Permissions, Libraries (Migrations too)
  • Backup of On-premises and SharePoint Online data
  • Scheduling of  Backup
  • Direct backup and restore of SharePoint Online groups and documents
  • Schedule backups
  • Intense search – message level restore
  • Backup and Restore On-premises SharePoint Servers
  • Full farm backups; Scheduling backups
  • Restore from a farm backup
  • Granular objects restore
  • Backup complete SharePoint Online and On-Premises data
  • Backup storage facilities in Azure, cloud environments
  • Automatic backup and On-demand restore
  • Backup and restore SharePoint Online data
  • Extends Microsoft native data retention policy (deleted users too)
Graphic User Interface Simple, Direct, and User-friendly Account profile-based; Web console interface Descriptive interface with multiple features and  options A little complex interface Web-based interface with descriptive features
Supported Environments Windows Operating System Windows, Mac, Web-based Windows Operating System Windows Operating System Windows, Mac, Web-based
Pricing Free Trial version; License –
$ 399 (Corporate version), $ 999 (Technician version) – One Time Purchase
No Free Trial Version; Pricing – $ 2/month/user Free Trial version; For pricing contact Sales Free Trial version; Contact Sales for pricing Free Trial with Account Setup;
Fixed pricing based on licenses
Drawbacks Focuses more on migration, but allows downloading SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server content to File System easily. Backup and Restore of SharePoint Online data; Cloud backup only. Also max. storage limit is 350GB. It supports backup of SharePoint data with the database file but not applicable for SharePoint Online data backup. Smart and powerful recovery, backup, and restore of SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server content but still lacks in easy design and approach. A single platform for Cloud backup, which includes SharePoint Online only. So, not deal for SharePoint On-premises data.
Latest version and update date Version 22.5, updated in Nov 2022 N/A Version 6.8, Aug 2020 N/A N/A

The assessment provided relies entirely on our independent research and publicly accessible information. Users are encouraged to personally experiment with the aforementioned solutions, sequentially exploring them on their respective websites, and then determine the most suitable option for their SharePoint Backup needs. We aspire for this blog to be a valuable resource for all seeking assistance.


The blog introduces five best solutions for the backup of SharePoint data. It mentions some important features of each of them along with the major limitations letting the users decide the best one for them.

Kernel Migrator for SharePoint