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How to transfer files from Old computer to New computer?

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When you set up a new PC, getting worried about quick and reliable file transfer is quite obvious. But why to worry when Windows XP comes with inbuilt tool to transfer files from old computer to new computer or a removable media? The File and Settings Transfer Wizard allows you to perform this activity; it does not move the installed applications or files but create a copy of files. Using this wizard, you can transfer emails accounts, folders, files, settings and everything you need to transfer from old computer to the new computer.

Perform the following steps to get all your files transferred to the new computer in the easiest manner:

1. Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Files and Settings Transfer Wizard
2. Click Next in the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard
3. Two options are available New Computer and Old Computer. In this case, select the Old Computer option as you are transferring files and Settings from. Click Next.
4. File and Settings Transfer Wizard will ask you to define the File Transfer method. Select the appropriate file transfer method and click Next.
5. Now select the option Files only and click Next.
6. Specify the files and folders that need to be transferred and then click Next. After completion of the process, you can get your collected files on your new computer by following the same process (step1 to step 2) on new computer.

With the above mentioned process, you can transfer files from old computer to new one. Whenever you transfer files and folders, there is always the possibility of the files getting corrupted. It is always better to test each file to assure that the transfer did not corrupt the files. After testing you will find that one or two files out of a hundred become corrupt during a transfer. If the corrupted files are too important, then there are solutions available for the repairing of corrupt files. You just need to spend some time on internet to find reliable and result oriented software that helps to recover lost data.

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