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How to transfer files from old hard drive to new hard drive?

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If you are changing a hard drive due to its non functionality, less storage space, bad sectors in the disk, virus attacks, hardware problems or any other problem, you will need to copy all your files from your old drive to the new one, if you do not want to miss data of old hard drive. Changing hard drive is very easy, as all you need to do for that is taking the old one out and plugging the new one into the same spot.

But the daunting challenge is how to transfer all of the existing folders and files from the old hard drive to the new one?

One of the well known approaches is to take the back up of all your files, folders and programs existing on your old hard drive and then restore them into new hard drive. If you are Windows user, you can use the Windows Backup utility to create back up of data. But this approach is not as simple as it seems.

An easier approach is installing new hard drive on your computer as master drive and changing your old hard drive it to your slave or secondary drive. Now the question is what steps should be performed to follow this approach? Below are the steps you need to perform for transferring files from old hard drive to the new one.

1. Open the case of your new computer
2. Check the ribbon cable going to your hard drive
3. On your old hard drive, change the Jumper Pin to Slave settings.
4. Now attach the new hard drive as master drive
5. Make sure that the old slave drive is connected to the middle connector and your new hard drive is connected to the end connector
6. Reboot your computer system. It will identify your old hard drive as another drive.
7. Open the drive and copy all the files from old drive to the new one
8. Disconnect the old hard drive
9. Restart the computer system.

In this way, you can copy all of your files and data from old hard drive to the new hard drive.

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