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Recover Accidentally Formatted Partition

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Accidents are inevitable and there would not be any surprises, if you accidentally format your hard disk. Many come across the situation when there is formatting or re-formatting of the hard disk or any other storage device, either accidentally or intentionally. As a result, we land up in a catastrophic situation when we lose access to the hard disk partitions and hence the data within. But nothing to worry about, Kernel for Windows data recovery software is here to help you out. Basically, there are two cases of formatting.

Case 1: when you have formatted the drive to same file system i.e. from FAT to FAT or from NTFS to NTFS.
Case 2: when you have formatted the drive to other file system i.e. from FAT to NTFS or vice-versa.

The first case mentioned above is termed as formatting as the drive is formatted to the same file system as earlier. The other one is called re-formatting, where drive is formatted with different file system. In re-formatting, chances of overwriting of data are high and hence, negligible chances of successful data recovery. Kernel for Windows disk recovery software raises the chances of accurate and successful recovery, both in formatted and re-formatted case.

For time effective and result oriented recovery of formatted and re-formatted partition, Kernel Windows data recovery software provides you with two productive recovery modes: Standard Scan and Advance Scan.
Standard Scan is the fast mode, recommended in cases of file deletion, partition deletion, damaged partition and bad sectors in partition.

Recovering data with Standard Scan

  1. Launch the software
  2. Select the storage device containing damaged partition
  3. Select scan type Standard Scan
  4. Search for partitions if they are missing
  5. Select the corrupt or missing partition
  6. Let the software search for the data
  7. Once searching is over, recovered data is displayed that can be saved at the safe location

Advance Scan mode is a deep and efficient method of recovering data. It is preferred when Standard Scan fails to recover and when partition is formatted, deleted long time back, OS reloads.

Recovering data with Advance Scan

  1. Launch the software
  2. Select the storage device which you want to scan
  3. Select scan type Advance Scan
  4. Select the corrupt or damaged partition
  5. Select the file system and define the search range of the sectors
  6. Once the software looks in the selected range, select the file system which is to be recovered
  7. Let the software mounts the selected file system
  8. Once it get completed, recovered data is displayed that can be saved at the safe location

Search Deleted/Lost/Missing Partitions

With the Search Partition option in the software, users can search for the partitions which they had deleted, or missing. Kernel for Windows Data Recovery software for FAT and NTFS partition recovery will search and locate sectors of the drive and list the found partitions. With all these magnificent features, software will recover accidentally formatted partition data from Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2002, 2000, 98, 95. Its evaluation version is free to download utility for the users to experience features and functions of the software.

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