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Crashed Hard Drive Data Recovery

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Hard disk is a non-volatile storage device used to store data. One can store data in various formats on hard disk. The data you store on hard disk can be personal or official. Whether the data is personal or official, it is very important for you. While on the other hand, being an electronic media, hard drive can be crashed any time leaving you blank handed. Losing all of your important data can thrill you.

Therefore, you should be well-known with the reasons that can lead into hard drive crash so that you can be careful while using computer. Hard drive can be crashed due to physical and logical reasons.

Physical Reasons: There can be following physical reasons for hard drive crash:

Occurrence of bad sectors on hard drive
Overheating of hard drive
Power Surge
Firmware corruption

Logical Reasons: There can be following logical reasons for hard drive crash:

Master boot record failure
BIOS having problem in recognizing drive
Operating systems crash
Corruption in file systems
Accidental deletion of hard disk partition
Hard disk repartitioning
Abrupt system shut down
Malicious virus infection

Whatever is the reason for hard drive crash, whether logical or physical, it makes you red faced. Due to hard drive crash, all of your data stored on hard drive gets lost. And if you do not have backup of the data then it becomes worst for you. The data you lose can be a collection of months or years and very important too. You could not think to lose that data. But, unfortunately due to hard drive crash you loss the data. What will you do after losing the data? How will you get it back? Do not panic because the data you have lost due to hard drive crash is actually not deleted from hard drive. In fact, due to hard drive crash the data files headers get damaged due to which you are not able to view the data.

You can still get the data back until the space occupied by the data is not grabbed by another data files. However, to retrieve the data, you need to use crashed hard drive data recovery software. Kernel for Windows is a crashed hard drive data recovery tool, which uses advance data recovery algorithms to recover data in their actual format.

Data recovery experts have designed Kernel for Windows by keeping the various reasons for hard drive crash in mind. You can install the software on almost versions of Windows operating system ranging from Windows 95 to Windows 7 including DOS to perform hard drive recovery.

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