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“Cannot Open Particular Outlook Items When Offline” Error is Fixed

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Summary:OST file corruptions and errors are common, especially in older versions of Outlook. One such issue related to OST inaccessibility is accompanied by the error “Cannot open particular Outlook items when offline” can be fixed with certain manual tricks; however, results are not guaranteed. So, it is better to recover OST data with Kernel for OST to PST tool when the file is highly corrupted or orphaned


Significance of “Cannot open particular Outlook item when offline” error

When any user tries to access the OST file item in the Outlook application, suddenly an error pops up saying, “Cannot open particular Outlook item when offline.” This error indicates corruption in the OST file, mainly due to network failure, abrupt shutdown of system/application, malware attacks, power fluctuations, damaged offline folder, etc. There can be more reasons like corrupted profile, incorrect account configuration settings, file corruption, etc.

It needs to be resolved immediately to avoid the long-term effect on the server and client. Let us try to find the fix for the error, starting with native tricks.

What native ways can fix the “Cannot open particular Outlook item when offline” error?