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A simple way to repair Adobe PDF files

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PDF offers higher level security to documents compared to other formats. Platform independence, free viewer applications, password-protection, etc. are some other attractions of this format.

  • Encryption: PDF creator applications allow encryption of PDF files. This means that unauthorized people cannot edit, modify, print, or copy these documents. Hence PDF format increases the security level of the document.
  • Portability: PDF format can be accessed in different operating systems like Windows, Unix, and Mac. Also, it is easy to transfer PDF documents over a network, through mail, or using some storage devices.
  • Free reader applications: Adobe distributes Adobe Reader free for viewing PDF documents. Also, most of the web browsers support opening and viewing PDF documents.

Causes of PDF file corruption

PDF files may display error messages occasionally, and fail to open in Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Such issues occur due to various reasons such as:

  • Download issues
    Incomplete and failed downloads can make PDF files corrupt. When the user downloads a PDF file and the internet connection fails in between, the PDF file gets damaged.
  • Hard drive or storage device failure

    PDF files may get corrupt when the hard drives or storage devices get damaged.
  • Issues while transferring the files
    This type of issues arises while transferring PDF files. As a result, the receiver may get an incomplete or useless PDF document.
  • Improper system shutdowns & power failures
    Improper system shutdowns and power failures can interrupt file transfers and downloads, and can corrupt the PDF files.

How to repair corrupted PDF files easily?

Kernel for PDF repair helps users to recover and repair all the corrupted PDF files. This tool performs complete PDF file recovery with no loss of data. And using this tool, users can repair multiple PDF documents at the same time.

Download Now
  1. Open the Kernel for PDF repair tool. The home page of the tool appears. Click Select File(s) and choose the PDF file(s) you want to repair.
    PDF file repair tool
  2. After adding all the PDF files for repair, click Repair.
    Repair many PDF files at a time
  3. Wait till the repairing process is over.
    Instant PDF file recovery
  4. Click OK when the software displays a confirmation message.
    Repair PDF files accurately

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