A Simple Way to Repair Adobe PDF Files

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PDF stands for Portable Document Format. Developed by Adobe in 1990 with PostScript programming language, the PDF format file wraps all the components (text, images, vectors, etc.), which are necessary to display the document in a single layout. It is easily shareable, and there is no operating system limitation.

It offers higher level security to documents compared to other formats. Platform independence, free viewer applications, password-protection, etc., are some other attractions of this format. Because of these advantages, this is one of the most popular formats for document sharing. We will discuss these advantages in detail here:

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  • Encryption: PDF creator applications allow encryption of PDF files. This means that unauthorized people cannot edit, modify, print, or copy these documents. Hence PDF format increases the security level of the document. So, it is preferred to share even confidential documents.
  • PDF format can be accessed in different operating systems like Windows, Unix, and Mac. Also, it is easy to transfer PDF documents over a network, through mail, or using some storage devices. The layout and structure of the document remain unaltered even after transferring.
  • Free reader applications: Adobe distributes Adobe Reader free for viewing PDF documents. Also, most of the web browsers support opening and viewing PDF documents.

All digital documents are vulnerable to virus attacks and get infected by the influence of malicious content, and the same applies to PDF files. This is a matter of grave concern for all, especially those who have critical data in PDF files.

Knowing how and when the PDF file becomes corrupt and inaccessible is not possible because multiple reasons can lead to such an unexpected outcome.

Below are a few causes due to which a PDF file document might turn corrupt or get damaged, risking the information stored inside. So, how would you repair a damaged PDF document? The question remains; we’ll discuss this below in this article, but before jumping to that section, let’s shed some light on the causes of PDF file corruption.

Why PDF File Gets Corrupted?

PDF files may display error messages occasionally and fail to open in Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Such issues occur due to various reasons, and a couple of those reasons/causes are listed below::

  • Download issues
    Incomplete and failed file downloads could corrupt PDF files, and this happens because of the unstable Internet connection. Improper downloads disturb file structure and damage the file
  • Hard drive or storage device failure
    Hard drive failures and USB storage media issues can cause PDF file corruption and inaccessibility issues. The hard drive or storage media failures can occur due to many reasons like an electrical short circuit, excessive hardware heating, exposure to water, etc.
  • Issues during file transfer
    While transferring the file from one PC to another via a USB drive or cable, the chances of PDF file corruption exist due to reasons like direct ejection of storage media from the system without initiating the eject command or sudden removal of transfer medium before the transfer was complete. As a result, the receiver may get an incomplete or useless PDF document.
  • Improper system shutdowns & power failures
    Improper system shutdowns and power failures can interrupt file transfers and downloads and can corrupt PDF files. The sudden application that exists also can cause such issues.

Repair Corrupt or Damaged PDF Files

So, how would you repair corrupt PDF files? Well, there are different approaches which you can take.

  • Try other PDF Reader utilities
    If you’re dealing with a similar situation like above, then before thinking about anything else, you should consider checking whether the programs that are used to read these PDF documents are working fine or not, for example, Adobe PDF Reader, Adobe Acrobat, etc.

    And if the issue persists in the reader programs, then consider trying a new third-party PDF Reader. It is likely to help you towards the resolution.

  • Restore the previous file version
    If you have the PDF file on your Windows 10 machine, then you can make use of the backup utility that comes built-in with the OS. It will help you restore the previous healthy versions of the PDF file.
  • Convert the PDF file
    This is not a proper solution to the problem, but it can help in some cases. This solution may help you when recovering the whole PDF isn’t your aim. Here, your aim will be to extract the important elements inside the PDF file, which can be Images, Graphs, Texts, etc.
    Conversion is the best way to extract the elements of a PDF file. You can convert the PDF file into a Word file, as a Word file supports almost all the elements of a PDF file. You can find a decent file conversion tool online very easily for this purpose. We suggest you using Kernel for PDF to Word for this conversion.
  • For accessing the utility press Backup utility (Windows), select Settings and navigate to Update & Security > It is good practice to enable the Backup utility for safety. If you’ve not enabled the Backup function, then doing so would save you from future risks of file corruption or damage.

    And if the Backup Utility is already enabled on your system, you can use the File History feature to recover the PDF file from its previous version.

    For restoring the file to a previous version:

    1. Browse to the location/path where the corrupt PDF document is saved.
    2. Right-click on the file.
    3. Select Restore previous versions.

Restoring files to previous points can save you from starting from scratch. But what resolution would you think in situations when you’ve tried all the workarounds already, but nothing proved to help. Opting for a professional tool that tackles such a problem would be the best thing to consider.

How to Repair Corrupted PDF Files Easily?

Kernel for PDF repair helps users to recover and repair all the corrupted PDF files. This tool performs complete PDF file recovery with no loss of data. And using this tool, users can repair multiple PDF documents at the same time.

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  1. Open the Kernel for PDF repair tool. The home page of the tool appears. Click Select File(s) and choose the PDF file(s) you want to repair.
    Select PDF file to repair
  2. After adding all the PDF files for repair, click Repair.
    Click on repair
  3. Wait till the repairing process is over.
    Wait to finish repair process
  4. Click OK when the software displays a confirmation message.
    Repair PDF files accurately


You can encapsulate text, images, vectors, and so much inside a PDF file document. With PDF files, it is easy to carry information from one location to another. If something goes wrong with the PDF file, Kernel for PDF Repair is the best solution to fix the PDF file corruption. Using the tool, you can repair the file or recover the data very quickly.

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