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Kernel forSQL Server

Corruption in the SQL Server’s database means bad news for your business. But the corrupt NDF/MDF files are fully recoverable through Kernel for SQL Server tool. It scans the files for corruption and retrieves tables, triggers, views, indexes, primary keys, unique keys, stored procedures, foreign keys, data types, rules, checks, default values, etc.

After scanning and retrieving the database, content is presented to get a preview and later save it. You can choose to either save the data directly to an SQL server or in an offline batch file. The tool upholds the integrity and structure of all the recovered data.

  • Repair corrupt SQL database NDF/MDF files
  • Clean recovery of large-sized databases
  • Recover object properties, tables, indexes, keys, records, etc
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Kernel forSQL Backup Recovery

Kernel SQL Backup Recovery software fixes the corruption in the backup (BAK) files and recovers the MDF/NDF files from them, along with tables, procedures, rules, triggers, functions, etc. The corrupt backup files will be repaired completely, and a preview will be available after the recovery.

The recover process gets completed after you save the files in the live SQL Server or a batch file. The batch file saving does not require the active SQL Server.

  • Restoration of MDF/NDF files from backup files
  • Complete recovery of large-sized backup files
  • Export the recovered files to a live SQL Server
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Kernel Migrator for SQL

Kernel Migrator for SQL is the solution that an administrator needs for a migration. It can help you to upgrade your SQL Server to cloud. The available destinations are Microsoft SQL Server and Amazon RDS. It can migrate all the SQL data and their properties entirely to a cloud Server. The user does not even need to do any post-migration tasks.

There is an in-built prereview facility that allows you to see the chosen objects before migrating them.

  • Migrate both healthy and corrupt MDF/NDF files
  • Migrate the large-sized database files
  • Migrate tables, triggers, functions, procedures, rules
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Kernel SQL Password Recovery

A lost password will not mean a complete loss of data, as Kernel SQL Password Recovery can recover the password in just some clicks. The efficient algorithms of the software ensure accurate and instant retrieval of passwords of the SQL database files.

If you use the master MDF file, then the tool will show the entire list of the users, and you can decide which user’s password you want to recover.

  • Recovery of multilingual passwords
  • Option to copy the password after recovery
  • Uses an advanced QFSCI algorithm for faster performance
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