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If you are among the millions of people using the Outlook application, you surely share your emails and files with your teammates, seniors, or anyone else in the organization. But these emails may include sensitive information about your organization that any person can alter easily. Hence, converting emails into PDFs becomes crucial to prevent data manipulation. As it provides read-only access, it is quite a safe option to send emails.

You can get into trouble if you’re unfamiliar with the Outlook application and trying to figure out how to save emails in PDF format. There is no direct option available in Outlook to save Outlook Mac emails as PDF, like Export to PDF or Save as PDF; you need to follow the workarounds for this. Many users posted this query on various forum sites but have not found the best or most accurate solution. Hence, we have listed reliable solutions both manual and automated to resolve the specific issue. You can choose any method as per your suitability.

Merits of converting Emails to PDF format

The reason why we should convert our Outlook emails to PDF format may cross your mind. Here, we have outlined the main causes, which are as follows:

  • PDF files do not depend on hardware, software, and operating system as it exhibits the documents in electronic format.
  • Adobe PDF is a free application compared to Outlook.
  • Provides security to PDF files by enabling password.
  • Security settings keep updating at regular intervals, so users need to grant permission to edit or print files.
Manual method to save Outlook emails as PDF on MAC

It is one of the methods that you can use to save Outlook emails as PDF on a MAC system. If you’re looking for a manual way to do the same thing, you must follow the below steps:

    1. First, Open the MAC Outlook application and select the mail you want to convert into PDF format.Open the MAC Outlook application
    2. After that, right-click on the specific mail and click on the Print on the Print option
    3. Now, choose the PDF option and click the Save as PDF the Save as PDF
    4. Finally, save the PDF emails after providing the destination the PDF emails

Note that the above method is only preferred for converting a few Outlook emails to PDF, as it takes the one-by-one processing of emails. Also, this method is not 100% safe and has a chance of data loss and corruption. In addition, it is not recommended for non-technical users as the solutions are quite technical. Hence, it is better to use the automated solution, a safer and more reliable option to save Outlook emails in PDF format.

Automated Method to Export Outlook emails to PDF format

To export Outlook emails to PDF format, there are various third-party tools available. One such innovative tool is Kernel MAC OLM Converter which enables users to save emails in different file formats like PDF, MBOX, EML, HTML, etc. This tool performs file conversion without any data corruption or alteration. Before conversion, you must know about the MAC Outlook OLM file location. In addition, it converts multiple OLM files single heatedly and excludes deleted and empty folders from conversion.

Why software is better for saving emails from Mac Outlook to PDF?

Using the automated solution to convert Outlook Mac emails to PDF is the most reliable method as it makes the process more efficient through its great features compared to the manual method.

  • The orphan files can’t be processed in the manual method, while the third-party software can do this.
  • The manual method can only process one OLM file at a time, while the application lets you process multiple OLM files.
  • Third-party tools are compatible with all MAC versions.
  • Using the application, you can save emails based on a date, while the manual method does not allow this.
  • The software allows users to customize PDF files using various features such as Page Margin, Paper size, and Date Stamp.
  • The application also offers naming conventions that are not available in the manual method.

Wrapping Up

If you are among the people who are searching for a solution to export Outlook emails to PDF format, you can use the above two methods listed in this blog. Due to several complexities of the manual method, most users prefer the automated method to perform the same. Using the automated solution ensures email security and offers various innovative features. The recommended tool can save Outlook Mac emails as PDF without requiring technical expertise. In addition, you can use this tool to repair corrupt OLM files. If you want to know the tool better, it is recommended to download the trial version first. After getting satisfied, you can purchase the specific tool to use it further.

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