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Best Practices to Open OLM Files

Yatendra Singh
Yatendra Singh Updated On - 08 Apr 2020

With Outlook for Mac version 2011, the OLM file format came into existence as the master container for Mac Outlook data. It can store every data like Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, and the rest.
OLM itself sounds out as ‘Outlook for Mac,’ and, the file format is not compatible with any other email client for desktop by default, including Outlook for Microsoft Windows.

How Do I Access OLM File in Windows?

If you are not using Windows and not Apple machine, then, it is obvious that you would not have access to MacOS specific files and applications.

And there’s no direct way or method to say, that you can use to open OLM files straight. And speaking of workarounds, there are many but using these workarounds, you would have to put in extra minutes and would need technical expertise to make that process function. Thus, the only option remains to use third-party software.

Kernel OLM Viewer

Speaking of third-party software, robustness and reliability are two important factors amongst others, and Kernel OLM Viewer offers you best of all. It is made available for free to download and can be installed on any version of Microsoft Windows your system is running.

Kernel OLM Viewer comes with smart features integrated within like advance filters, live preview, deep search, support for healthy & corrupt OLM files, etc. But the OLM viewer tool does not allow you to save OLM files. For that there are some free ways to convert OLM file to PST.

Additionally, with Kernel OLM Viewer, you can generate file analysis reports for analyzing the OLM file to get some meaningful insights.

Follow the steps given below to open OLM file with ease in OLM Viewer:

  1. Download and launch Kernel OLM Viewer software.
  2. Download Software

  3. Once the software is open, the UI will be the same as below; click Select Select File
  4. Click Browse to select the OLM file and click Next.
    Browse to select the OLM file
    Note: If you wish to open multiple OLM Files at once, you can do that by clicking on the + icon.
  5. Read the information given and proceed, click Finish.Read the information given and proceed
  6. Once the OLM file is loaded, all data inside will appear as below.
    Data in OLM File
    Note: Expand a folder to unveil its items. And to preview items, click on each; the preview will be generated as shown above.
  7. Similar as above, you can preview other items present inside folders and subfolders, inside the OLM file.

preview other items of OLM File


Kernel OLM Viewer is the easiest solution you would ever ask about, as it weighs a few MB in size, installation finishes in a swish, is easy to use, comes with smart features built-in, and more. To open OLM file, you first need to have the OLM file; read on to know about OLM file location in Mac Outlook.