Easily Convert OLM Files to MBOX with no More Hassle

Pooja Chaudhary | Updated On - 25 Feb 2021 |

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Outlook for Mac helps Mac users to connect to Exchange Server. This email client from Microsoft stores the mailbox data in OLM format. As OLM format is not supported by other email clients or programs, you will not be able to open OLM emails in Apple Mail or free email clients like Thunderbird. However, you can access these emails in MBOX email clients after converting OLM files to MBOX format.

OLM to MBOX Conversion

The manual conversions of OLM to MBOX is next to impossible, or the process is very tedious that requires a lot of technical knowledge. That is why a third-party tool like Kernel for OLM to PST Converter is recommended for it. This utility will help you convert OLM files to the MBOX format recognized by Apple Mail and many open source email clients like Thunderbird.

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Process for Convert OLM Files to MBOX File Format

Follow the simple steps given here to convert OLM files to MBOX format:

STEP 1: Launch Kernel for OLM to PST Converter tool, click Select File from the toolbar, click Browse button to choose OLM file from your machine, and click Next.
launch OLM to PST Converter tool
STEP 2: A small window will appear. Choose the OLM file that is required to be converted to MBOX file format. Click Open and then click Next.
Select OLM file to convert
STEP 3: In the Process Information page, click Finish.
Process information page
STEP 4: Now, click Save and a dialogue box with multiple file saving options with appear on the screen. Select the MBOX File option and click Next.
Select MBOX file as saving option
STEP 5: Here, you can select the filters, if the user requires to convert only specific data from the OLM file to MBOX. Select the filtering options and click Next.
Apply filter options
STEP 6: Now, click Browse button to specify the saving location. Click OK.
Choose the file saving location
STEP 7: Now select the required MBOX email client (e.g.: Apple Mail) and click Finish.
Select MBOX email client and finish
STEP 8: After clicking Finish, a dialogue will appear as shown in the following screenshot. After finishing the process, click OK.
OLM to MBOX process completed
Lastly, launch the MBOX email client (e.g., Apple Mail) and import the MBOX file to access the converted data from OLM file.

Advantages of OLM to PST Converter

OML to MBOX conversion was a tedious task for many till date. But the OLM to PST converter helps you convert the OLM data to MBOX, maintaining the original formatting and structure. The tool is user-friendly due to its excellent graphical interface. The developers have programmed it in such a way that even non-technical users can use it in a hassle-free manner. It saves emails along with images, attachments, and meta-data.

To access Outlook for MAC emails in Gmail, Apple Mail or Thunderbird, all that you need is an OLM to MBOX converter tool. The Kernel for OLM to PST Converter can effortlessly convert OLM files to MBOX format keeping the data integrity intact. And this tool is recommended by many experts and IT professionals for quick and error-free OLM to MBOX conversion.

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Whenever you want to shift your emails from one platform to another like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, or Gmail, then you do not need to prepare your platform for any manual approach. You should use Kernel OLM to PST Converter software and convert only the data files from one format to another. The software will scan the source OLM files and convert them to MBOX easily. The software will save the MBOX file at a user-defined location.