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Summary: The article introduces a method to split large OLM files in Mac Outlook for data management. It highlights reasons to do so and explains a manual approach. The Kernel OLM to PST Converter tool is recommended for an efficient and reliable process, offering various features including OLM file previewing, filtering, and splitting by size. Instructions for using the tool are provided, concluding with a recommendation to opt for this method over manual splitting due to its reliability.

The data files for Mac Outlook are in the form of OLM files, which act as a storage format for various types of data including emails, calendars, contacts, and journals. The OLM file format was initially introduced as the primary repository for local data in Mac Outlook 2011. Since then, it has become compatible with Mac Outlook versions 2019, 2016, and 2011. However, it is important to note that OLM files are not compatible with any version of Windows Outlook.

The OLM file not only encompasses all of a user’s Outlook folders but also retains archived messages. Mac Outlook provides various export choices for OLM files, allowing users to selectively filter and store specific information within the same file.

In cases where the OLM file exceeds its optimal size, there’s a risk of data loss or corruption. To address this, it becomes imperative to partition the OLM files based on their size. We are here to guide you through the various scenarios necessitating OLM file size splitting and provide you with the best approach to do so.

Reasons Behind Splitting OLM Files by Size

There exist numerous potential motivations for segmenting the categorization of data files by size on a Mac. These include:

  • It will aid in addressing matters related to corruption.
  • It will guarantee that excessively large OLM files won’t lead to any data loss.
  • The performance of Outlook for Mac will be enhanced.
Split OLM Files By Size Manually
  1. To begin, let’s establish a new Mac Outlook profile. To do this, go to the Applications directory and right-click to access the menu. From there, select the option Show Package Contents.
  2. Navigate to the Shared Supportsection within the Contents folder, then select and open the Outlook Profile Manager.
  3. Tap on Create a New Profile.
  4. After generating the new Outlook profile, proceed to import the large OLM file into it. Then, export its contents including contacts, emails, calendar events, and more.
  5. Consequently, individual OLM data elements like contacts, emails, and calendar entries will each be stored in separate OLM files.

A manual method for partitioning large OLM files based on size is not an option. Through manual means, it is only possible to dissect OLM files into individual components, like emails, contacts, calendars, etc. This capability proves useful for isolating specific types of information from an excessively large file. However, it’s important to note that manually dividing a large OLM file into multiple smaller ones is not feasible. Consequently, the tool can solely segregate each data element within the oversized OLM file.

Split OLM File by Size

The Kernel OLM to PST Converter efficiently transfers data from OLM files to various platforms including Outlook PST, Exchange Server, GroupWise, Office 365, Gmail, and other online email clients. This tool stands out as one of the finest and cost-effective solutions for OLM to PST conversion. It offers features like OLM file previewing and advanced filtering options prior to migration. Moreover, it supports seamless migration to Office 365 and email servers, safeguards OLM file integrity, enables saving OLM data in diverse formats, and facilitates effortless recovery of corrupted OLM files. Notably, it boasts compatibility with all versions of both Outlook for Mac and Microsoft Outlook, including Office 365 Outlook. If you’re seeking a reliable OLM to PST conversion tool, this is an excellent choice. export outlook for mac emails/items to an archive file, the Kernel tool can help you in such issues.

Additionally, it provides the capability to split OLM files based on size. While users commonly seek to divide OLM files by size, there is also an alternative option available: converting the OLM file to a PST file and subsequently splitting it based on size.

Steps to Use OLM to PST Converter: Split OLM File by Size Easily
  1. Launch the OLM file conversion tool on your computer.Open the OLM file converter tool
  2. Click the Browse button and choose the OLM file you want to divide based on the OLM file that you wish to split by size
  3. Note: In case you forgot the location of your OLM file, you can use the option Search.
    you can use the option Search

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and review your OLM file data before initiating the migration process.preview your OLM file data prior to migration
  5. Next, select the PST file format as the output file type and click on “Next.”choose the PST file and hit Next
  6. You have the option to select preferred filters such as Item Type, Date Range, and more. Then, you can save specific data items to your PST specific data items to your PST file
  7. In the following window, you’ll find the “Split” option. This allows you to divide your OLM files into PST files, with size options ranging from 1GB to 45GB. Simply select your desired file size from the dropdown menu next to the “Split” option.choose the required file size
  8. Note: You have the option to append a prefix to your file name by selecting the checkbox labeled “Attach Prefix to Store Name” and entering a name in the “Store Name Prefix” field.

  9. Tap on Next and save a destination for your file on the system within the Saving Path tab. Hit Ok and tap on Finish.Hit Ok and tap on Finish

Within moments, your OLM file will undergo conversion into PST files, each tailored to the specified size.

Last Thoughts

We offer the most effective solution for dividing OLM files based on size. We trust that you will find our comprehensive guide easy to follow. Please bear in mind that the manual approach may not be as dependable due to various limitations. We highly recommend using the OLM to Outlook PST Converter tool for a seamless and reliable way to split your OLM files by size.

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