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IBM Lotus Notes and Mac Outlook (Outlook for Mac) are both popular email clients comparable to Windows Outlook. Lotus Notes serves as a versatile platform for email communication, scheduling appointments, web browsing, and various business applications, priding itself on its reputation for security and flexibility. Hence, there are occasions where it is imperative to import Mac Outlook (OLM) data into IBM/Lotus Notes.

IBM Notes & Outlook for Mac – A comparison

The file extension .nsf, short for Notes Storage Facility, is employed by both Lotus Notes Software and Domino software to house various items such as emails, appointments, documents, and other mailbox contents. Essentially, all data within Lotus Notes is encapsulated within .nsf files.

Outlook for Mac primarily aimed to establish seamless Exchange connectivity within the Mac environment. It utilizes the .olm file format to store mailbox items.

The NSF and OLM formats employ distinct storage structures, making it impossible to directly access NSF files in OLM. Consequently, it is necessary to export mailbox items from Outlook to Lotus Notes Software for Mac.

How to import Outlook for Mac into Domino Server?

Outlook for Mac data can be imported easily into Lotus Notes with a professional tool. One such excellent tool is Kernel for OLM to PST Converter. This tool excels in facilitating smooth migration from Outlook for Mac to Outlook. Additionally, it offers the capability to export mailbox data from Outlook for Mac to Domino Server. It can also help you in configuring Outlook for Mac with Office 365 account through simple migration.

Salient Features of The Software
  • Swift OLM to Domino Server data transfer
  • Compatible with all editions of Outlook for Mac
  • Compatible with all versions of Domino Server
  • Enables access to OLM data in Lotus Notes post-export to Domino
Import Mac Outlook (OLM) Into IBM/Lotus Notes
  1. Install and launch the email converter tool.
  2. To initiate the conversion process, you have several options. You can either click on the Browse button to choose a specific OLM file for conversion, or use the + sign to add multiple OLM files for migration or conversion. Additionally, you can opt for the Search feature to locate the files you intend to convert or the Search option to locate the files
  3. Once the file is added, click Next
  4. Click Finish.
    Click Finish
  5. You will have the opportunity to preview the data within the OLM file prior to initiating the migration.OLM file data before migration
  6. Note: Click on the Find Now button after providing search criteria, if you are looking for any specific mail.Find Now

  7. Select the option IBM Domino (Lotus Notes) for saving the converted OLM file.
  8. Now, you can again select IBM Domino (Lotus Notes) as output IBM Domino (Lotus Notes)
  9. Provide the destination credentials to save the data.


Many users express the desire to transfer their Outlook data into Lotus Notes. Outlook data is typically stored in PST format, while Lotus Notes utilizes NSF format for data storage. To facilitate this transition and enable access to data within Lotus Notes, importing Outlook data becomes essential. A highly recommended and cost-effective solution is the utilization of the OLM to Outlook PST Converter tool. This tool excels in seamlessly importing OLM files to Domino Server, thereby enabling Mac Outlook emails to be accessible in Lotus Notes. Additionally, it proves invaluable in resolving various issues associated with OLM files, such as the problem of Outlook for Mac not syncing with Exchange Server, and is proficient in repairing OLM files for improved connectivity.

Kernel for OLM to PST