Simple Methods to Migrate OneDrive data to Google Drive

Aftab Alam
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The Cloud platforms of various tech giants like Google and Microsoft are quite flexible to store data and allow accessibility from anywhere. Cloud storage gives the flexibility to access files from any location or device through the Internet. Due to this, many users upload their professional and personal data to such platforms.

Techniques to migrate the content from OneDrive to Google Drive

Sometimes users may want to move their data from one cloud platform to another. Today, we will learn multiple techniques to migrate the content from OneDrive to Google Drive.

Method – #1. Upload-Download method

Upload-download is the simplest method when you have ample storage space on your computer, and you have a fast internet connection.

  1. First, you need to login into your OneDrive account and access the folder or folder to move to Google Drive. Choose the file/folder and click the Download option. The download process will start.
    login into your OneDrive account
  2. After downloading the folder from OneDrive, you need to go to Google Drive and click the New option.
    go to Google Drive
  3. Click the Folder upload option.
    Folder upload
  4. Select the folder from the Downloads folder. Then click the Upload button.
    Select the folder from the Downloads folder
  5. A warning will appear asking you to allow the upload job. Click Upload.
    allow the upload job
  6. The upload will start instantly.
    upload will start
  7. After completing the upload job, the message will appear that the upload is complete, and it will show the total number of files uploaded.
    showing total number of files uploaded

Method – #2. Direct Sharing

The direct sharing method involves sharing the data through a link to another user with any email address.

  1. Choose the folder and click the Share option.
    Choose the folder
  2. In the Send link window that appears on the screen, input the Google Drive account email address. A message will show that the email address is outside of your organization. Then click the Send option.
    input the Google Drive account email address
  3. An invitation email will come to the Gmail account, and after opening the email, the screen will show that a folder has been shared with you by the user. Click the Open button, and it will take you directly to the folder content.
    Click the Open button

Method – #3. Use the Copy link feature

The Copy link feature allows direct sharing of the selected folder.

  1. Choose the folder and click the Copy link option.
    Copy link
  2. A new link URL will be created to be copied and used in the web browser to open the file.
    open the file

Method – #4. Drag-&-Drop files from OneDrive to Google Drive

One last manual method to move content between OneDrive and Google Drive is to drag-&-drop files or folders.

  1. Download OneDrive for Windows on your desktop and sign-in into your account. It will start to show the data present in your cloud account.
  2. Login to the Google Drive in a browser.
  3. Select the data present in OneDrive for desktop and drag it towards the browser tab of Google Drive.
  4. The data will move quickly, and you can check it on Google Drive.

Limitations of the manual methods

  • The manual methods have a limited application, and only limited data can be transferred.
  • Methods like sharing and creating a sharing give access to the file rather than migrating it.
  • There is no suitable filter option to select specific files and exclude the unwanted ones.
  • During the download-upload process, if the Internet connection goes down, then the file may become corrupt.
  • It is a time taking process to migrate a large volume of data.

Automated Method

To overcome the limitations of manual methods and to migrate the data between OneDrive for Business and Google Drive, you can use Kernel Migrator for SharePoint. SharePoint Migration will allow you to select complete data present in OneDrive and then migrate it to Google Drive directly.

The user-interface of the software is simple. The software only requires valid login credentials for the migration; it allows you to migrate files/folders, apply filters for selective migration, migrate permissions, and schedule the migration at a suitable time. The user can select and migrate the entire OneDrive files to Google Drive, and there are no size or volume limitations. After the completion of migration, the software will give a complete migration report.

Kernel Migrator for SharePoint