Secure Migration from Outlook for Mac OLM to Cloud-based Platform

Jarvis Flores
Jarvis Flores | Updated On - 26 Mar 2021 |

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Outlook for Mac files are acceptable for Mac users, but it gets critical when their requirement arises in Outlook for Windows. Due to difference in Outlook platforms, it is quite evident that the accessibility issue may arise. Thus, migration of files from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook can possibly give you a chance to access the Mac OLM files but assistance from an external agency is needed.

Even if the concerned OLM files are ready to move, it is unknown whether the files are clear, i.e. there are chances that the OLM files may be corrupt. In such case the migration is not recommended, instead the files must be repaired prior stepping for migration. To make this happen another tool is required that can perform such repair without losing the OLM file content.

Making OLM Accessibility More Convenient

For accessing OLM files, their clean state is compulsory and platform must be Mac Outlook. Even if the user system does not have Mac Outlook platform, the file can be conveniently accessed by taking assistance from external utilities. One such utility is Kernel for OLM to PST, which is designed to meet the email migration requirements.

OLM file accessibility in other platform is nowadays rarely taken into use. With an advancement in different migration and saving options, professionals have started migrating the files from their disk space to online platforms. This is advantageous in two cases. First, it saves the disk storage capacity, leaving an ample amount of space for other files to be successively placed. In the second case, the direct accessibility provides anytime and anywhere accessibility to the user. However, such option can be exercised only when user can access Cloud-based platform.

What Makes Migration from OLM to Cloud-based Platform Appreciable?

Cloud-based migration is a new direction where most of the professionals are driving through. Apart from round-the-clock accessibility to the stored files, there are other technical and non-technical reasons responsible for its roaring demand. Some eligible points to prove the worthiness of the cloud-based migration are as follows:

With the use of cloud based platform, user or any organization stands out very different from their competitors. The cloud-based platform gets automatically updated and can be conveniently used by the user at any time.

  • Sharp Management: With the installation of cloud-based platform, it is easy to manage as it does not need any manual assistance for management. The inbuilt algorithm manages the maintenance services required for booting up the cloud platform. Thus, maintenance task always runs behind the screen to ease-off the process.
  • Trust worthy platform: The cloud-based platforms can be relied and cannot be expected any gruesome errors. It provides round the clock technical assistance to avoid any inconvenience while accessing the content from the cloud.

With these advantages users of any level would like to pursue migration of OLM files to cloud-based platform apart from normal conversion. There are certain tools that make claim to make migration more efficient, but their claims are doubtful sometimes and may land up the user in some trouble.

Kernel for OLM to PST is a reliable third-party software, which swiftly converts the OLM file to Outlook PST without any demarcation. For more advanced users, the tool provides direct migration of OLM files to cloud-based platform like Office 365 and Outlook Web Access (OWA). The tool even provides a viable option to save the email items to different formats like PST, DBX, EML, MSG, MBOX, IMAP, TXT, RTF, HTML, and MHTML.