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An MTS format is a video file which is saved in Advanced Video Coding High Definition (AVCHD) format and supports only high-quality resolutions like 720p and 1080p. .mts file extension is a standard video format shot by Sony, Canon, and Panasonic cameras. A video can hold a lot of importance to a person, from being a memory to simply a source of entertainment. But just like other video file formats, MTS files are also prone to corruption. You have landed at the right place as we will be discussing how to repair corrupt MTS video files and play them smoothly again.

Reason for MTS file corruption

An MTS file can get corrupt due to various reasons, such as:

  • Malware or virus infection on your system
  • Sudden power failure while opening the MTS file
  • Video compression issues
  • Interruption while downloading or transferring the file
  • Problems with the operating system

Methods to recover corrupt MTS video files

There aren’t many methods available to repair corrupt MTS video files due to the quality of the video at hand. However, here are some unique approaches that can be used to repair the corrupt and damaged MTS video files with much ease-

1st Method – Using VLC Media Player

VLC is not just any media player; it has the ability to even cure corruption for video files. However, any other format must be converted into AVI as that’s the only format which VLC can fix.

Follow these steps to repair MTS file with VLC media player-

  • Make a copy of corrupt MTS file and rename it to AVI.
  • Now, open VLC Media Player and go to Preferences.
  • In the Preferences section, select Input or Codecs, and click Save.
  • Select Always Fix next to Repair AVI files, and then click OK.

This method might work to resolve minor corruption errors in the MTS file. If it doesn’t work for you, then you can use other methods.

2nd Method – Convert the MTS File Format

If you are okay with accessing the MTS file in different formats, then it’s a good idea to convert it to another file format. You can take help from Kernel Video Converter tool that allows you to convert it to any another format while maintaining the quality and integrity of videos.

Make sure you first backup the video file on your system and then upload it to the converter to avoid any types of data loss.

3rd Method – Using Kernel Video Repair

If the above methods do not help repair MTS files, then there is one viable solution that can fix every significant corruption error of video file format. Kernel Video Repair is a useful utility designed with smart algorithms to repair every minor and major corruption error of video file. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it quite simple to use even for non-technical users. Follow the below steps to repair your MTS file with the software.

  1. After launching the software, ‘+’ on the home screen to add the corrupt video file.
  2. add the corrupt video file

  3. Browse the location where the corrupt video files are present. Select the corrupt file and click Open.Browse the location
  4. Click the Repair Files to start the process.Click the Repair Files
  5. Select the Output Location and click OK.
  6. Get the complete repair status at the Repairing Process tab and Click Close when the process gets complete.
  7. This is one of the easiest methods to repair corrupt MTS video files.


MTS files are high-definition video files as they are shot by premium digital cameras. So, having any type of video stored in this format will be precious to the person, and losing it due to corruption can be very painful. In this article, we discussed how to repair corrupt MTS video files with manual methods as well as an instant video repair utility.

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