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Are your videos flickering and it is ruining your visual experience? If you are here, then most probably the answer to this question is ‘Yes.’

We all can understand and relate to this situation when you shoot a video putting so much effort and it starts flickering. You thought you have done everything right. Lightings are perfect, camera settings were right, but when you played the video, it flickered. Don’t worry, this blog is going to guide you on how to fix video flickering issue.

Why your Video might be Flickering?

If the video you are trying to play is flickering and you are wondering why it is so, then it is due to the interaction between lights. When you shoot a video, there are different things involved in it which includes the light source, camera settings, and the interaction of these two with each other. So, whenever the shutter speed and the frame rate of your camera will not sync up perfectly with the frequency of the pulse of light, the flickering will happen in your videos. It is mostly concluded that this issue happens more in high-speed videos, especially when shooting at 20 Frames per second to 30 Frames per second.

If you think that the issue is due to light sources, then you can improve the lightings of your surroundings to avoid this issue.

How to Fix video Flickering Issue?

Well, there are not many ways in which you can fix the flickering issue, as the flickering of the video occurs due to the wrongly captured pulses of the lights. So, here are all the possible fixes for the video flickering issue:

If your videos are flickering and you do not have much experience in video editing, then try plugins and filters. Some filters when applied correctly can fix the flickering issue in the video files. There are many users who vouch that they have got results by doing so. Another way to fix flickering of the video is by using plugins in your video editing software. These plugins are exclusively made for this purpose and are very flexible to use with any popular video editing software. These plugins are not at all complicated when it comes to using them. If used correctly, they can fix your video flickering issue. You can avail the benefits of these tools for free or by paying for them.

Set the brightness of frames

If you have some experience with video editing software, then you can try those software to fix the issue. In this method, you will have to set the brightness of frames, because the issue is with that only. So, set the brightness of each frame of the video at a consistent value. This may fix the flickering issue for you. You can use any popular video editing program for this purpose, as there are many programs available online for the same.

Try using a repair utility

If none of the above solutions provide you help, or if you are a beginner and don’t know how to work with video editing tools, then get a video repair utility. If you do not want to risk the quality and integrity of the video file you are trying to repair, then it is advisable to not go for manual ways, as they can harm your videos and can result in disastrous situations.

If you have tried manual ways to fix the video and in that process, you have damaged or corrupted the video, then also you can use a video repair utility. If you do not have any idea regarding which utility to choose for this purpose, or how to use one, then don’t worry. Kernel Video Repair is one such a tool that can fix a lot of issues with your video files. This automated utility can fix corruption, damage, flickering issues and much more problems that may have in a video file. If you think that you are inexperienced in handling such a tool, then don’t worry, it is too easy to use even for beginners. Just follow three simple steps and you are done. Let’s see how:

  1. Open the tool and select the problematic file(s).
  2. Open the tool and select file

  3. Assign a location to save the files after repairing.
  4. Assign a location to save the repair video file

  5. Repair the files.
  6. Repair the files

Once done, your issue should be fixed. To know more about the tool, you can visit its page and also, you can download its demo version.


In this blog, we have discussed the flickering issue faced by users in their videos. We discussed the most possible reasons why it might be happening and provided the best possible solutions for it. For the video issues, like corruption, damage, flickering and much more you can use Kernel Video Repair. This tool can repair MP4 video files too in case of damage and corruption. Hope this blog helped you fix your issue. Let us know if you have any other query in the comments section.

Kernel Video Repair
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