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There are times when you might have had sent Ross Webers mail to Ross Richard, there’s nothing new in this. And we don’t even identify what wrong have we done, until we are asked about the same by some of the colleagues or bosses or from the recipients themselves. In order to make certain that all this doesn’t leave you embarrassed, you can try this tip to search for last names of your contacts in GroupWise rather than searching for the first names:

  • Click the Address Book button and open you Address Books
  • Select View > Name Format
  • Select Show last name then first name in the Display Name Format area
  • Select all Address Books
  • Click Apply to selected books
  • Click OK

Following this procedure, users can use the settings in their GroupWise account which allows them to search for Last names while sending emails. This setting will not only make your address books display the last names first and the first name last but also name completion feature will search for the last name and not the first name. And this is how you can be sure you are mailing the right Ross each time.

With so many complicated procedures in GroupWise, users often term it as unfriendly which forces them to switch to Exchange. Novell GroupWise to Exchange migration is not so easy to perform. However, with Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange migration is an easy process. Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange is an effective software utility that offers an easier platform for novice as well as experts to migrate from GroupWise to Exchange or to GroupWise to PST in a matter of few minutes. Moreover, the software is designed to support all versions of Novell GroupWise, MS Exchange Server and MS Outlook.

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Kernel for GroupWise to Exchange
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