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The Home View panel of GroupWise 7 offers a customizable view of information that you want to access quickly. The Home View utilizes panels that display information related to different sections.

By default the Home View displays calendar for the day, checklist items, unread messages and the QuickViewer on the right side of the window. Usually these panels so created are utilized as shortcuts to various features of the application as the panels so created display a variety of information that may include unread items to a summary calendar. A predefined list of panels is available; however a user can create their own set of custom panels.

There are many, who customize unread messages, checklist items, calendar entries showing appointments for the day etc. There are many, who create contacts home view panel which is available on the right panel of the Welcome page. So with this customization, instead of searching a contact inside the contacts folders or address book in GroupWise, user can access the same on the right panel of the Home view. To create Contacts Home View Panel in GroupWise, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on the Modify Panel Settings arrow on the right-hand top corner of existing Home view panel
  • Now select Add Panel and click on New Panel
  • Name the New Panel with an appropriate name (for example- Contacts, frequent Contacts)
  • Now select chosen Address Book to be created as a distinct panel on the Home view panel
  • Choose the address book you want to view from the drop down list
  • Select Details in the Choose Display Settings section and click OK and Add
  • Drag and drop the panel to the Home View position of your choice

The above mentioned steps show how you can create Contacts Home View Panel in GroupWise7. Moreover, you can customize your address book panel by filtering for specific contacts, or you can create another address book panel pointing towards a different address book.

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