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Summary: The Home View panel in GroupWise 7 offers customization for quick access to information. Users can create custom panels, like a Contacts Home View Panel, simplifying access to frequently used features. This customization enhances GroupWise, but for a seamless transition to Exchange, consider using migration tools like Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange Server.

GroupWise 7’s Home View panel provides a tailored, quick-access information display. It utilizes panels for various sections, enhancing the user experience with customized information.

The Home View’s default configuration includes a daily calendar, checklist items, unread messages, and the QuickViewer, typically located on the window’s right side. These panels serve as shortcuts to diverse application features, providing a range of information, from unread items to a summary calendar. While predefined panels are accessible, users can also craft their custom panels.

Many users opt to personalize their experience by customizing unread messages, checklist items, and displaying daily appointment entries in their calendars. Another common customization is creating a “Contacts Home View Panel,” conveniently located on the right panel of the Welcome page. This customization eliminates the need to search for contacts within folders or the address book, allowing users to access contacts directly from the Home view. To create a Contacts Home View Panel in GroupWise, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Modify Panel Settings arrow on the right-hand top corner of existing Home view panel
  • Now select Add Panel and click on New Panel
  • Name the New Panel with an appropriate name (for example- Contacts, frequent Contacts)
  • Now select chosen Address Book to be created as a distinct panel on the Home view panel
  • Choose the address book you want to view from the drop down list
  • Select Details in the Choose Display Settings section and click OK and Add
  • Drag and drop the panel to the Home View position of your choice

The steps outlined above demonstrate how to create a “Contacts Home View Panel” in GroupWise 7. Additionally, you have the flexibility to further customize your address book panel by applying specific contact filters or even create additional address book panels that point to different address books.

Despite its numerous features, GroupWise can appear less user-friendly. Many actions may require professional assistance, leading users to favor Exchange Server in workplaces. When transitioning from GroupWise to Exchange, you may find the need for a reliable GroupWise to Exchange Migration Tool. Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange Server is an award-winning software, widely used to migrate GroupWise to PST/Exchange, facilitating the conversion of single or multiple GroupWise mailboxes to PST/Exchange.