How to Access Password-Protected Emails in Outlook?

Bob Maria
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If you have worked on MS Outlook for quite a while, then probably you might be familiar with its default storage folder, i.e. PST files aka. Personal Storage Folder. MS Outlook automatically stores the entire user mailbox data (such as emails, attachments, contacts and more), to PST files on the host machine and to a mailbox available on the Exchange Server in OST format.

However, the PST file is the prime source of backup for MS Outlook to restore or move the mailbox data upon any anomaly like hardware failure, power failure, data storage device failure, virus intrusion or in case of deficiencies with Outlook program.

Accessing Outlook emails in such an environment may become even challenging with the unavailability of Outlook program. The problem may exaggerate, if the PST files are encrypted with the password-protection security.

However, a reliable freeware program can be of great assistance in this scenario, to freely view and read Outlook emails, despite worrying about the severity of corruption problem or the barrier of password protection.

The Kernel PST Viewer is an advanced PST Viewer freeware, designed to instantly access the content of corrupt or healthy PST files, without requiring the use of Outlook platform. It is a versatile PST viewing utility that lets you to easily and safely open all PST files, created using any version of MS Outlook program, including Outlook 2016, 2013 (both 32 bit and 64 bit), 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 98, 97. The user-friendly interface is one of the attractions of the tool, to offer simplified and complex-free working, even for the users from non-technical background.

Additionally, the PST Viewer software can be installed and accessed on all versions of Windows supported platforms, even featuring the latest version of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012.

Method to Access Password-Protected Emails Without Having the Password and MS Outlook Platform

Being a standalone viewing utility, PST Viewer is designed to rigorously fix the total corruption issues of PST files (if any), before making it readable for users, without the requirement of MS Outlook. The advanced programming algorithms of the tool, allow the users to even retrieve the lost and permanently-deleted emails and items from PST files in the same process.

The total data is then represented in an organized tree-like structure for detailed viewing. This is where, the tool displays the total data, including password-protected emails without having the password or MS Outlook platform.

kernel pst viewer

The total folder list of PST files is displayed in the left pane, while the detailed viewing is offered in a specialized preview pane. The user can smoothly access desired emails along with attachment within the software interface.

However, PST Viewer offers two viewing options, i.e. simple view and advanced properties view to let the user view the data according to the specified needs.

detailed preview

To simply view the content of emails along with attachments, choose simple view, whereas switch the tab to advanced view to have a view insight details like property name, Hex Preview, Txt Preview and so on.

Kernel for Outlook PST Repair