How to Fix the Video File Error 0xc10100be?

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Trying to play a video and getting an error stating “This file is not playable that might be because the file is unsupported, the file extension is incorrect or the file is corrupt 0xc10100be” or “Can’t play video error code oxc101100be” is not a rare sight for us.

Video Can’t play error

The error 0xc10100be in the video file is not very serious, and it can be fixed quickly using some free methods. There are multiple methods you can use to solve the 0xc10100be error. Firstly, let’s take a closer look at the basics and the reasons for the occurrence of the video error 0xc10100be.

Error 0xc10100be: What Does It Mean?

Whenever you play a video, you may receive error codes. Often, error messages contain error codes that are hard to understand. One similar error is “this file isn’t playable” (0xc10100be).

The error frequently occurs when you try to play MP4 or some other video file and receive an error code of 0xc10100be or ‘this file is not playable.’ This happens if there is an issue with the file format, a corruption in the video file or incorrect file extension. We will go through all the major reasons for the same below.

Reasons Behind the Occurrence of Error 0xc10100be

The reasons for the prevalence of Error 0xc10100be are as follows.

  • The file you are using has a wrong file extension
  • The media player you are using doesn’t support the file
  • Incompatible codecs in media player
  • Corruption in the video file
  • Windows Media Player has a copy protection feature enabled.
  • Power outage while playing video.
  • VLC/WMP are outdated.
  • Virus, Malware or Ransomware attack.
Instant Solution

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How to Fix the Error “0xc10100be?”

After discussing all about causes behind the error let’s now discuss how to fix video file error 0xc10100be-

  • Using Another Video Player
  • You should try playing the video on any other video player as soon as you encounter this error. Sometimes, the video player you were playing all your videos with, won’t play a particular video. In this case, the video player cannot support the video format, you might be able to play the video with another player. We will help you with your issues by using the VLC Media Player below.

  • Repair Video Via VLC Media Player

    Besides being a media player, VLC comes with an option to repair corrupt videos. Follow the steps below to repair videos:

    1. Launch the VLC media player.
    2. From the Tools option, choose the option Preferences or hold Ctrl + P on the keyboard.
    3. Launch the VLC media player

    4. Next, tap on the tab Input/ Codecs present on the top menu.
    5. Input/ Codecs

    6. Choose the option Always Fix within the Damaged or incomplete AVI file section. With this update, VLC will repair AVI video files when you open them.
    7. Always Fix

  • Try playing the video with any other video player
  • The very first thing you should do as soon as you face this error, is to try to play the video on any other video player. Sometimes, the video player you were playing all your videos with, won’t play a particular video. This happens when the video player doesn’t support the format of the video. Hence, try playing the video with any other video player may work for you.

  • Test the Video on Other Devices & Systems
  • Another solution is to play the video on any other device or system. This error may occur due to the incapability of the device you are using. So, if you try to play the video on another system and it works, it means that the device you were using was not supporting it.

  • Turn off Copy Protection in Windows Media Player

    Microsoft’s Windows Media Player includes a copy protection feature that may make it inoperable to play video files. The following steps can be used to disable this feature:

    1. Launch the Windows Media Player (WMP).
    2. Go to the Tools tab & click on Options.
    3. Tools tab

    4. Next, tap on the option Rip Music & unmark the checkbox Copy protect music.
    5. Copy protect music

    6. Lastly, tap on Apply & then OK to save the made changes.
  • Check & Change the File Format
  • When you rename or replace the file extension with something that is not compatible with the MIME type of the file, some media players will not be able to encode/decode the file.

    View the details of the file by left clicking on it in your file manager. The video file extension for MP4 videos is “.mp4”. It should be renamed to that extension. Changing the video file format can also fix the 0xc10100be error. AVI, MP4 or MOV are the most widely compatible formats for converting video files.

    Both online and desktop video converters are available. Ensure your video converter application is secure. Try converting the file format with a reliable converter like the Kernel Video Converter software and then check if the problem persists.

  • Update Codecs
  • Codecs obviously play an important role in playing a file, and hence expired versions of codecs may lead to this error. So, in Windows media player follow the below-mentioned steps to update the codecs:

    1. Run Windows Media Player on your system and click on the Tools option from the menu.
    2. Now, click on the Options button.
    3. Now in the Player category, go to the Download codecs automatically checkbox and select it.
    4. Finally, click on OK to proceed.
  • Fix corruption with the software
  • As we discussed, one of the reasons for this error is corruption. If the video file you are trying to open is corrupt, this error may occur to you. To fix the corruption in the video, we recommend you to use a powerful video repair software. It is an automated tool that fixes any sort of corruption in a video file. This tool can also repair MP4 video and many file formats including some of the most popular video file formats like MOV, MPEG, MKV, WMV, FLV 3GP, etc. Fix single to multiple videos with this tool and save them at a desired location on your system.


In this blog, we have discussed at length about the causes and How to Fix the Video File Error 0xc10100be with some effective solutions. If no manual fix works for you, this means that the reason for the error is corruption, and hence, we have suggested using this product as the permanent solution to it. This tool fixes worst cases of corruption in your video file and saves your precious file from getting lost forever. Hope you find this blog helpful.

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