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SQL Server, as we know, is a relational database management system which stores information in databases and provides access to it when needed. It utilizes structured query language to perform all its functions. Despite being a secure and reliable platform, one cannot always be sure of fine working of the SQL Server as it is vulnerable to various errors and corruption issues. Here, we are going to discuss one such an error – SQL Server Database Error 8967.

SQL Server Database Error 8967

SQL Server database error 8967 is a common error which SQL Server users mostly encounters while restoring the SQL database from a backup file and then running a DBCC CHECKDB check. The message reads out as follows.

Msg 8967, Level 16, State 216, Server SaleServer, Line 2
An internal error occurred in DBCC which prevented further processing. Please contact Customer Support.
DBCC results for ‘database name’.
Check terminated. A failure was detected while collecting facts. Possibly tempdb out of space or a system table is inconsistent. Check previous errors.

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Sometime database gets restored but throws the error during the consistency check and causes inaccessibility to SQL data. Here the severity level of the error is 16 which is cause of concern for the SQL administrators. The reason behind this error could be database inconsistency which could be due to multiple factors mentioned here –

  • Hardware failure
  • Database snapshot corruption
  • Database metadata corruption
  • Database is restored using the CONTINUE WITH ERROR option
  • Faulty maintenance of databases, database files, file groups and indexes
  • SQL database corruption

To fix Microsoft SQL Server database error 8967, we should consider each factor one by one as the actual cause and try different methods. Please read the next section for such solutions.

How to fix Microsoft SQL Server Database Error 8967 manually?

Here, we have got some native solutions to get rid of this error and make SQL Server function again:

Check for hardware issues

Users should run hardware diagnostics on their Windows systems, analyze the error logs and check if hardware issues are there. Repair the affected hardware parts or replace them with the standard ones available in the market.

Use a healthy backup to restore data

If corruption is a reason for the issue, then you can try restoring your SQL database again from a healthy database backup file (if available). You would be really lucky if you have a healthy backups with you. For future, please try to maintain regular backups of your SQL Server database to tackle such errors.


DBCC CHECKDB is an inbuilt SQL command to check logical as well as physical integrity or consistency of the respective SQL database objects.

For this particular error, it is advised to run this DBCC CHECKDB command with TABLOCK option. The command would be as follows:


This TABLOCK option is used as it would lock the database tables and prevent any internal snapshots which is generally taken by default. This would accelerate the integrity check process of the SQL database and thus provides faster results.

What to do if manual solutions do not help?

We are directly informing you that there is no guarantee on fixing SQL Server Database error 8967 using the above stated manual solutions. Rather we can use them as trial options. In case of failures, we believe you should go for a third-party SQL database recovery tool as corruption could be the most prominent reason behind this error.

Automated SQL Database Recovery tool

Kernel for SQL Database Recovery Tool is a professional tool which fixes all corruptions and errors within SQL Server Server by repairing its corrupted database files utilizing its advanced repair algorithms. Users just need to add SQL database file (MDF) to repair it further via two scanning modes and retrieve objects to either to Live SQL Server or batch file. It supports database files from all versions of SQL Server. Best of all, it has a completely free trial version for users to check its functioning. So, users got a reliable solution to repair Microsoft SQL Server database error 8967 or recover SQL database without backup.


The blog introduces one of the common SQL Server database errors “8967,” discusses its causes, and suggests some manual solutions fix it. In the end, a secure and reliable professional tool Kernel for SQL database recovery is introduced for the automated recovery of SQL database files.

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