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Summary: SQL Database Error 3189 is an indication of damage to the backup set being detected. Various factors like hardware issues, software conflicts, network interruptions, etc. cause such an error. To fix this error, users are recommended to use the Kernel for SQL Database Recovery tool, which is a professional & reliable solution. This tool efficiently repairs the corrupt SQL database & recovers the lost data without compromising the integrity of the files.

We know, error 3189, specifically, refers to the detection of damage to the backup set. If not addressed properly, this issue may prevent a database from being restored entirely. Here, I will provide you with an expert guide on how to fix SQL Database Error 3189.

Reasons for SQL database error 3189

The main reasons for the SQL Database Error 3189 are as follows.

  1. Backup storage media failure causes 3189 error.
  2. Writing failure while backup is executing.
  3. Network access attempt without authorization.
  4. Incorrect backup attempt during database SUSPECT mode.
How to fix SQL database error 3189?

Method 1

SQL database error 3189 can be a headache for database administrators. But, one easy solution to fix it is to use the “BACKUP DATABASE” command. Type up the below command.

“BACKUP DATABASE my database TO DISK=’C:\MyDatabase.bak’ with FORMAT”

With this command, you can erase & delete any unwanted data from the backup device & run a new backup operation.

It is important to note that this solution only applies to erasing & deleting data from backup devices. To prevent SQL database error 3189 from occurring in the first place, it is quite vital to regularly check & maintain your backup devices & databases.

Method 2

If you are experiencing SQL Database error 3189 due to backup restoration, there is a solution to retrieve the essential backup sets within the backup device. Use the following command:


With the above command executed, you will surely resolve the issue without compromising any of your valuable data. This solution helps you to restore your database back to its original state with efficiency & repair corrupt SQL databases.

Method 3

SQL Database Error 3189 can bring a halt to your work, but Kernel for SQL Database Recovery tool can solve the issue effectively. This tool is built with advanced features that can repair corrupt SQL files efficiently & recover lost data in seconds.

With the help of this tool, users can recover data from all versions of SQL Servers including SQL Server 2019. Its user-friendly interface enables users to effortlessly operate & restore their SQL data without any hassle. Get your hands on Kernel for SQL Database Recovery tool to get rid of SQL error 3189, SQL error 5172 and more.

Concluding thoughts

As we have discussed, resolving SQL server error 3189 can be frustrating & time-consuming. But, it is certainly possible to fix. You can troubleshoot any such kind of SQL database error via simple methods & automated tools. We hope that our guide has proved useful to you in addressing SQL 3189 errors quickly & effectively.

However, if the manual methods do not prove successful, then our team strongly recommends using the Kernel for SQL Database Recovery tool for resolving all kinds of SQL related issues.

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