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Summary: Are you looking for an effective way to export your eM Client contacts, messages, and calendar events to Outlook? This detailed article will demonstrate the practical methods that help to export eM client to Outlook PST. If you still face issues, use Kernel for the EML to PST Converter tool for secure and instant migration.

The eM client is almost similar to the Microsoft Outlook email client that effectively manages email communication, calendars, tasks, contacts, notes, etc. However, instead of being similar, Outlook performs smoothly in various operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, and the web, whereas eM client runs only in desktop-based operating systems.

The flexibility, easy setup, and other advanced features attract users to switch from the eM Client to Outlook. For that, they need to export their eM client data to Outlook. Here, we’ll see the methods after analyzing the exclusive reasons for switching Outlook from eM client.

Reasons to export eM client to Outlook?

Among many reasons, we’ve shortlisted exclusive reasons that instigate eM client users to choose Outlook. Here are 5 reasons why you should make the switch:

  • Microsoft Outlook is more widely used. This means that if you ever need to share your calendar or export contacts to someone, they’re more likely to be able to open it if it’s in Outlook format.
  • Microsoft Outlook integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products. If you use any other Microsoft products for work or personal use, chances are good that Outlook will work nicely with them. For example, you can easily sync your Outlook calendar with your Windows 10 Calendar app.
  • Exporting your eM Client data will give you a clean slate. If you’ve been using eM Client for a while, there’s a good chance that your data is a bit messy. Exporting it to Outlook will allow you to start fresh and organize everything as you want.
  • You’ll have access to more features in Outlook. For example, Outlook allows you to set up rules that automatically move certain emails into specific folders. This can be a real time-saver.
  • You can use Microsoft’s world-class support team if you encounter any problems. If something goes wrong with your export or you can’t figure out how to do something in Outlook, help is just a call or an email away.

Method to export eM Client to Outlook

Moving your data from one email client to another can be difficult, but with the proper knowledge and tools, it doesn’t have to be. Here, we’ll teach you how to export eM Client into Outlook quickly and easily. We’ll cover the process of exporting from eM Client and importing to Outlook, so you have all the information you require for a successful transfer. Exporting eM client data into Outlook can be done in two parts:

Part 1. Export eM client data

EM client exports data into EML files effortlessly, and only two methods save eM client data in EML. The methods are as follows:

Method 1. Save eM client data using the Export option

In the process of migrating all eM client data into Outlook, the first step is exporting all the existing eM Client data onto your computer. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the eM client application. Click on the Menu tab, select File, and then Export.Click on the Menu tab select File
  2. You will then be prompted with a list of options. Select Export emails to .eml files, then click Next at the bottom of the window.Select Export emails to EML files
  3. Choose all the data from your eM Client that you want to export. Select them all and click Next once again.Choose all the data from your eM Client that you want to export
  4. Choose a location on the hard drive and name the file if desired; when finished, click Finish at the bottom right corner of the Finish at the bottom right corner of the window.

You have successfully exported all your existing data from the eM client.

Method 2. Export eM client data using Save as an option

This method makes it easy to export eM client data in EML format. So, follow the steps below to save eM client data on your local device:

  1. Open the eM client email application. Select mails or folders, right-click, and choose Save as option.Open the eM client email application
  2. Provide the desired location and click on Save in the saving wizard.Provide the desired location and click on Save

The selected email message will be saved in EML format at the provided location. This process will be repetitive if there are numerous emails to export. Now, we’ll move toward importing EML data in Outlook.

Part 2. Import EML data into Outlook

Now you have an exported copy of your data saved on your computer, importing EML files into Outlook takes a lot of time because only the drag-drop technique is available to do this manually. In this method, choose an EML file from the local device and drag-drop into Outlook. Your eM client data will be accessible in Outlook.

However, if there is a lot of EML data, this drag-drop technique will bother you and create the chance for corruption or loss of data. To escape this situation, reliable and automatic EML converter software is used.

An automated solution to export eM client to Outlook PST

As per the above discussion, every user wants to export their data beyond risk and limitations in less time. Exporting eM client data to Outlook is challenging, but using this tool has become easy and efficient. Kernel for
EML to PST Converter software is specially designed for users who want to migrate their email data from one platform to another. It offers a fast, reliable solution that makes the transition quick and effortless.

Additionally, the program offers several advanced features, such as a preview option that allows users to review their emails before they’re converted. Finally, the software ensures that all email conversions are successful without problems.

Advanced features of the tool

It offers several features that distinguish it from similar tools on the market. Some of these features include:

  • Supports multiple email platforms, including Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Apple Mail.
  • Convert multiple EML files to a single PST
  • Smart filtering options for specific emails based on date ranges and other criteria.
  • Maintains full data integrity.
  • It allows users to preview their mail attachments.

Final words

Moving from one email client application to another can be quite complex. If you move from an eM Client to Outlook email client, the methods mentioned above will be extremely helpful. Ensure to follow the steps carefully to avoid data loss or corruption. As per our recommendation, the Kernel for EML to PST converter tool is quick, reliable, and simple to use and performs the migration process in seconds.

Kernel EML to PST Converter
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