Import EML to Outlook 2019,2016,2010

Pritam Majumdar Pritam Majumdar Updated On - 23 Apr 2019

Microsoft Outlook continually seems to gain extraordinary credibility due to its features and performance and lots of businesses are considering an import EML to Outlook 2019,2016,2010. Outlook is highly flexible tool which allows the users to work even when the Internet is not working. It uses the PST files as a repository to save the mailbox data and protect it from incoming threats.

What Processes should I Follow to Import EML Files into The Outlook PST For Versions 2019, 2016, 2010.

The answer to this question lies in the fact that you can have multiple ways by which you can import the EML files to PST depending upon the Tool you might be using.

The First process is useful when you are using the Windows Live Mail

Before you begin the procedure you should generate a backup of your data. Once you’ve completed that, then you can go for further steps:

  1. Start off both, your MS Outlook as well as Windows Live Mail application on your local PC.
  2. On your Windows Live Mail, click on the tab entitled ‘File’. Now, highpoint the Export option and then, select Email.
  3. After you have done the above, choose your MS Exchange as yout export option. Click Next.
  4. After this, a pop-up is visible, which tells you that all your emails require to be exported to either your MS Outlook or your Microsoft Exchange. Click OK.
  5. You now will have to import all your email folders or you will need to select the only appropriate folders which you need, to export the files via Select folder.
  6. If you’re done with this step, click on OK. Now, you have to allow the export process to efficiently complete.
  7. After you are prompted by your Export Complete wizard, Click the Finish button.

You could also think about migrating EML Files to Your Outlook by using your Microsoft Outlook Application.

It is necessary that you have the Outlook installed on your local PC so that you can follow the instructions. Now that you have done that open an EML file in your Outlook application. This is how:

  1. Open your Outlook on the machine
  2. ove your cursor to the location where your EML files are saved. Now, select a file.
  3. Drag the File you had selected. Now, drop it into your Outlook.

Having done all of the above, this helps you to open and then view your EML into the Outlook.

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Top Reasons Why Manual Approaches Might Fail

Standard or manual methods don’t always work. So, there are other means necessary. However, the following are the top reasons why you need to use other factors:

  • You might be having pretty high chances of losing your data since it cannot be assured that the data before you migrated, is to be the same post-migration. That being said, with the help of the manual methods email attachments are hardly migrated to your Outlook.
  • The entire manual processes are slow as well as monotonous. The users usually possess lots of .eml files that they might want to open with the Outlook. If this is the case, the manual method will take loads to of time as well as hard physical works.
  • Moreover, you stand at the brink of losing your SMTP Headers. The Strategem which we have placed before; may modify your SMTP header part of the EML file. Along with the header, there may be changes that might come forth in the meta properties in your EML files. If you are working on the computer forensics, and the very character of the EML file is put in danger, especially, this may end up being a crucial or severe problem.

Third-Party Tool- The Alternative

As we have already stated how the manual methods might not be of use in some instances, in such cases; you needn’t panic. There is a third-party tool such as Kernel for EML to PST Converter. Please follow these instructions to use this Tool:

  • Browse to Select the EML Files you wish to convert
  • Click Ok
  • Now you have an entire Folder list located on the Left Pane of the Tool. Select your desired Folder. Select the File you need to convert.
  • Select the Save option, located on the top of the Folder list. As soon as you Select the Save option, the Conversion Rule window is displayed whereby default, ‘Convert all items’ option is selected (choose between this and ‘Define Conversion Rule’ as per necessity.) Click Next.
  • Now Browse to select the destination where you wish to save the converted file. Click ok after selection.
  • Click Save option located below. Process of conversion begins.
  • When Complete, you’ll be informed. Click Ok.

Concluding Note

Our main aim in this blog was to help you find the proper methods to help you convert your EML Files to the PST and MSG file. The Kernel for EML to PST Converter is your best alternate to the faulty manual methods. It conducts a safe migration and removes any chances of data loss or corruption.