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Summary: EML files, developed by Microsoft for email archiving, are used with Outlook and Outlook Express. To locate EML files in Windows Live Mail, follow specific steps, or use Kernel EML Viewer for alternative access, especially for orphaned or corrupted EML files. Kernel EML Viewer offers a straightforward way to view EML files, simplifying the process.

EML files are file formats developed by Microsoft for use with both Outlook and Outlook Express. An EML file serves as an archived email, preserving the original HTML format and headers. While most email clients support EML files, if you lack an email client or use a mobile device, alternative methods can be employed to open these files. When creating a file, you must designate the folder in which to store it. However, for local mail client programs like Microsoft’s Windows Live Mail (part of the Windows Essential suite of free programs), this may not be as straightforward. These free programs tend to autonomously decide where to store your files, often leading to confusion.

Windows Live Mail Emails Location

Now, going forward; in case you use Windows Live Mail, you might have the emails stored in the location:

C:\Users\yourlogonname\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

In this particular context, the login name corresponds to the one you utilize for accessing your Windows operating system. It’s important to note, though, that this is merely a possibility and not a guaranteed certainty. The steps for this procedure are detailed below:

  • Firstly, Open your Windows Live Mail. Now, Select the Tools/Options from the Windows Live Mail toolbar. The following Options box is displayed:
    Open Windows Live Mail tool
  • Secondly, from your Options Box, go to Advanced Tab then click on the Maintain button. The following is displayed:
    Go to advanced tab and click Maintain button
  • Under Maintenance box, Click Store Folder as you can see here below:Under Maintenance box click Store Folder
  • The following box with store folder location is displayed as has been shown here below:Box with store folder

Within the Windows Live Mail Store directory, you’ll discover separate folders corresponding to each user configured in Windows Live Mail. Within each user’s folder, you’ll find all the EML files. By identifying the location where Windows Live Mail stores its messages and contacts, you can effortlessly review and archive your Windows Live Mail emails (i.e., the EML files).

Kernel EML Viewer to Open EML File Without the Windows Mail

While these straightforward methods can help you locate your EML files effortlessly, alternative approaches exist for accessing and reading EML files. In the subsequent sections, we will elucidate how to open and read EML files without relying on Windows Mail. There are following scenario when you need the services of Kernel EML Viewer:

  • For an orphaned EML file and if you have no email platform where you can run it, but you require to access it so that you may view the contents that are stored within.
  • In case the only option you have is to view your EML online, on a supportive email but due to the unavailability of the internet connectivity, you cannot view the same.
  • If You possess an EML file with respective email platforms that you may run it on but since it is corrupted, any expectation of it to being accessible, is not an option at all.
  • Moreover, like most users; get caught up in highly compelling yet complex situations where finding a way out might become slightly difficult. That is when you need an external and free EML file viewer app so that you might be able to your EML files, crop up.

Now, you would want to know if there is a trust-worthy EML Viewer to help you out and that is where EML file Viewer comes in handy.

Kernel EML Viewer works using three simple steps. These steps are:

  1. Launch the free EML Viewer.
    Launch Kernel EML Viewer tool
  2. The software automatically scans your EML files which are in your computer and then it enlists them in the pane located on the left. Click on an individual folder which you wish to view. This is done to let you view your desired items.Scanning EML file in your computer
  3. Now click on the particular data item and the content is viewable in the pane located below.Click on file to open content


In summary, prior to inquiring about the location of an EML file, it is crucial to understand what EML files are and where they can typically be found. Once you have that knowledge, you can explore the possibility of using third-party tools for assistance, which is the primary focus of our current discussion. The Kernel EML Viewer simplifies the process and efficiently presents all the data you need.

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