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EML is basically a file format that stores every email or message as an individual file. EML files are, in fact, text files (MIME format) that one can be opened in notepad too. This format is compatible with a variety of email servers, applications, and clients (including GroupWise, Lotus notes, Outlook Express, Postbox, Windows Mail, Mozilla, and Thunderbird). Moreover, EML messages can be opened in Exchange’s Outlook Web Access and also in Internet Explorer by changing the extension to .mht.

If you are working with Windows Mail, you can find your EML files at:

C:\Users\<your account>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail\Local Folders

And if you are among Windows Live Mail Users, look for your EML files at:

C:\Users\<userlogin>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

These locations may vary for different users based on their saving preferences.

Common Issues With EML Files

EML files are vulnerable to corruption due to reasons such as virus intrusion, shut down errors, system crash, or incomplete installation. Some of the most common EML errors that you may encounter on a window-based system are:

  • EML not found
  • Cannot register EML
  • EML access violation

After facing inaccessibility issues, you need to quickly find a solution to the issue. There are basically two solutions that can help you deal with the corrupted EML files in the most appropriate manner, namely Manual Solution and Intuitive Third-party Tool-based Solution. Many experts recommend third-party tools as even users without technical proficiency can use them.

A) Manual Solution

You can use the System Restore facility of Windows to recover the inaccessible EML file. you need to proceed with following steps to restore your EML data:

  1. Start your system and login as Administrator (in case of multiple users)
  2. Go to Start button and select Program and Accessories.
  3. Further, go to System Tools and click the System Restore option.
  4. In the restore options window, go with Restore my computer for an earlier time and click Next.
  5. In the very next window that prompts, click on a restore point list, then hit Next to recover all your EML files along with every bit of data contained in them.
B) Third-party Tool-based Solution

If the manual trick for recovering EML data fails, you can try third-party tools. It is the most reliable solution to help you deal with EML corruption issues in no time. Tools like Kernel for EML to PST Converter helps to recover every bit of your data without any modification. Here is how it works:

  1. Launch the software. Locate your EML files manually through the Folder List panel or click the Find button to scan and locate the required EML files on your machine.
    Launch EML file to PST Converter tool
    Note 1: If you clicked the Find button, a Search EML Folder dialog box will appear on your screen. Click Browse to navigate to the folder containing the corrupt EML files.

    Select the source folder and click OK.
  2. The right-hand side panel will show you all the EML files within the selected folder. Select the EML files you want to recover and click the Save button.Select EML files to Recover
  3. In the Conversion Options (Conversion Rule) window, define the rules to save specific data from your recovered EML files. The default setting, however, is set to Convert all items. If you do want to make any changes to save the data, let the setting remains unaltered and click Next.Define the rules to save specific data
  4. Choose whether you want to save the recovered data to PST or MSG format. Also, Browse to provide the destination path to save the files.Select file format to save data
  5. The EML files are successfully saved in PST file format on the specified location. Click OK to finish the process.EML files are successfully saved in PST

The resultant PST can, thus, be imported to Outlook.

Summing Up

EML files are of high usability, and sometimes they need to be imported to Outlook. Make sure you choose right methods (manual or automated solutions) according to your level of technical proficiency.

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