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Summary: Looking for free ways to convert EML to PDF? From email clients like Thunderbird to online conversion services, these options make it easy to convert your EML files to PDF with all the necessary attachments. Moreover, one of the best ways is to use the Kernel for EML to PST tool, which lets you convert EML files to PST format. Once converted, use the Kernel Email to PDF Converter to import the PST file & convert it into a PDF document.

As businesses shift to remote work, emailing becomes even more critical. It is wise to convert your emails to the PDF format so that they are easily accessible when you need them for reporting or legal purposes. In this post, we’ll give our pro tips on how to convert EML to PDF with attachments with zero costs incurred.

Reasons to convert EML file to PDF

Here are the basic reasons why users go for EML to PDF conversion.

  • Share EML files over email
  • Preserve formatting and structure
  • Make EML files accessible to all
  • Create a permanent record of emails
  • Improve email archiving and management.

Simplest solutions to convert EML to PDF

We are here with two go-to and easy solutions which convert EML files to PDF in seconds. Follow the steps with precaution.

1. Using Outlook

Outlook is one of the best ways which can help users in EML to PDF direct conversion. Here is what you must do.

  • Access Outlook and locate your EML file.Access Outlook
  • Go to the File menu and tap on Print. Click on Print Options.Click on Print Options
  • From the Name dropdown menu, choose Microsoft Print to PDF.choose Microsoft Print to PDF
  • Tap on Print to continue.Tap on Print to continue
  • Choose a destination for your file and tap on Save to Finish.Save to Finish

2. Using Thunderbird

Thunderbird also supports EML files and can directly convert these EML files to PDF in a few easy steps.

  • Access the Thunderbird application and import the EML files to Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Choose all the EML files and right click on them.
  • Using the ImportExportTools NG option, choose Export all Messages.
  • Select the option to save as PDF and choose your preferred file destination.
    Note: During conversion, at times, you can also face the blank PDF file problems. In such a scenario, you need to carry out the entire process once again.
  • Tap on OK & download the files in PDF format.

3. Using professional tools

To convert an EML file to PDF, use professional tools that can guarantee accurate & efficient results. The best approach is to first use the Kernel for EML to PST tool to convert the EML file to PST format. This way, the file structure & integrity are kept intact.

Afterward, you can proceed to use the Kernel Email to PDF Converter to further convert the PST file into a PDF format. This process is easy & makes sure that all data, attachments & formatting elements are preserved in the final PDF output. With these quality tools, you get high-quality PDF files suitable for professional use.

Last say

The solutions on how to convert EML to PDF outlined provide a thorough & efficient strategy. Moving your emails from one format to another can be time consuming but, these strategies will ease the process & make it much quicker. Out of all three solutions discussed, it is advisable to use the professional tools such as Kernel for EML to PST and Kernel Email to PDF Converter for successful conversion. By following the steps, you will find that email-to-PDF conversion is easy & you can look forward to a perfect outcome every time. So why wait? Try out these solutions today & see the results for yourself.

Q. Can the .EML files contain attachments?

A. Yes, .EML files can contain attachments, along with the email messages and metadata. But, the attachments are encoded as text and cannot be seen in a standard text viewer.

Q. Is the EML file easily editable?

A. Yes, the EML file is editable. You can easily make changes to the content or formatting of the file, including adding or removing text, images, hyperlinks, etc.

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