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Summary: Are you in search of cost-effective methods to convert EML files into PDF format? Whether you’re using email clients like Thunderbird or utilizing online conversion services, these alternatives facilitate a seamless conversion process while preserving all essential attachments. Additionally, an excellent approach is employing the Kernel for EML to PST tool, which allows you to effortlessly convert EML files to PST format. Afterward, utilize the Kernel Email to PDF Converter to import the PST file and transform it into a PDF document.

With the transition to remote work, the significance of emailing has heightened. It is prudent to transform your emails into PDFs for convenient retrieval, especially when required for reporting or legal documentation. In this article, we will share expert advice on converting EML to PDF, including attachments, without any associated expenses.

Reasons to convert EML file to PDF

Here are the basic reasons why users go for EML to PDF conversion.

  • Share EML files over email
  • Preserve formatting and structure
  • Make EML files accessible to all
  • Create a permanent record of emails
  • Improve email archiving and management.
Simplest solutions to convert EML to PDF

Here are two reliable and straightforward methods available to swiftly convert EML files to PDF. Please proceed with caution while following the steps.

1. Using Outlook

Outlook offers one of the most effective methods for directly converting EML files to PDF. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Access Outlook and locate your EML file.Access Outlook
  • Go to the File menu and tap on Print. Click on Print Options.Click on Print Options
  • From the Name dropdown menu, choose Microsoft Print to PDF.choose Microsoft Print to PDF
  • Tap on Print to continue.Tap on Print to continue
  • Choose a destination for your file and tap on Save to Finish.Save to Finish
2. Using Thunderbird

Thunderbird also supports EML files and can directly convert these EML files to PDF in a few easy steps.

  • Access the Thunderbird application and import the EML files to Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Choose all the EML files and right click on them.
  • Using the ImportExportTools NG option, choose Export all Messages.
  • Select the option to save as PDF and choose your preferred file destination.
    Note: During conversion, at times, you can also face the blank PDF file problems. In such a scenario, you need to carry out the entire process once again.
  • Tap on OK & download the files in PDF format.
3. Using professional tools

To convert an EML file to PDF, use professional tools that can guarantee accurate & efficient results. The best approach is to first use the Kernel for EML to PST tool to convert the EML file to PST format. This way, the file structure & integrity are kept intact.

Next, you can utilize the Kernel Email to PDF Converter to seamlessly transform the PST file into a PDF format. This method is straightforward and guarantees the preservation of all data, attachments, and formatting elements in the resulting PDF file. These top-notch tools yield PDF files of exceptional quality, perfect for professional purposes.

Last say

The methods described for converting EML to PDF offer a comprehensive and streamlined approach. While transitioning emails between formats can be a time-consuming task, employing these strategies will simplify the process and significantly expedite it.
Out of all three solutions discussed, it is advisable to use the professional tools such as Kernel for EML to PST and Kernel Email to PDF Converter for successful conversion. By adhering to these steps, you’ll discover that converting emails to PDF is a straightforward process, ensuring a flawless result on every occasion. So why delay? Give these solutions a try today and witness the outcomes firsthand.

Q. Can the .eml files contain attachments?

A. Yes, .eml files can contain attachments, along with the email messages and metadata. But, the attachments are encoded as text and cannot be seen in a standard text viewer.

Q. Is the EML file easily editable?

A. Yes, the EML file is editable. You can easily make changes to the content or formatting of the file, including adding or removing text, images, hyperlinks, etc.

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