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Summary: Yahoo! Mail, once a dominant email service, lost its appeal over time. This article guides users on configuring Yahoo Mail with Thunderbird, an email client known for its features and offline capability. It outlines steps and recommends a tool for saving MBOX emails to Yahoo.

In October 1997, Yahoo! Mail made its debut, emerging as an early pioneer in the realm of reliable and well-received email services. Thanks to its substantial storage capabilities, robust virus protection, and useful calendar and note functions, Yahoo! swiftly ascended to a dominant position, amassing a user base exceeding 225 million. However, as other email services advanced technologically, Yahoo! Mail gradually lost some of its allure. Consequently, users have begun exploring alternatives for integrating it with different email clients. This article is designed to assist you in configuring Yahoo! Mail with Thunderbird.

Yahoo Mail and Thunderbird

Numerous email clients are at your disposal, with Mozilla Thunderbird reigning supreme due to its extensive feature set. In this guide, we’ll delve into the seamless process of setting up Yahoo Mail within Thunderbird. Thunderbird, a free and open-source email client compatible with multiple platforms, enhances your email management capabilities, even when offline.

Why configure Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird?

Understanding all potential factors that prompt users to set up Yahoo Mail in Thunderbird is essential, as it streamlines your decision-making process.

  • Thunderbird offers a wide array of tools for efficiently managing emails and various types of information, encompassing notes, calendars, appointments, events, tasks, contacts, and more.
  • Yahoo! Mail requires a constant internet connection for email access, whereas Thunderbird offers the option to work in offline mode.
  • Thunderbird is particularly well-suited for professionals, as it enables them to effortlessly consolidate all their email accounts into a single, centralized location.
How to configure Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird?

Thunderbird stores user information in an MBOX file, and once you set up Yahoo Mail in Thunderbird, it will automatically save all Yahoo! emails in MBOX format as well.

To get started, ensure that Thunderbird is installed on your system. The initial task involves manually connecting Yahoo! Mail to Mozilla Thunderbird.

Follow these steps carefully to set up Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird:
  1. Choose “Tools” in the Menu bar, and subsequently, select “Account Settings.”
  2. A new window will pop up. In the left panel, select “Account Actions” and then click on “Add Mail Account.”
  3. Please provide your credentials, including your name, email address, and password. Then, proceed by clicking the “Continue” button.
  4. To establish the email protocol, opt for “IMAP” and select “Manual configuration” for setting up the server manually.
  5. Please provide all the necessary information and configure the incoming port as 993 and the outgoing port as 465. Once completed, click the Done button.
  6. Once the authentication process is complete, Thunderbird will successfully incorporate the Yahoo! email account.
How to save MBOX emails to Yahoo!?

It is essential to create and store backups of your MBOX files, which contain critical emails and other data, to prepare for potential emergencies. Because the files hold sensitive user information, it is imperative to ensure secure software is used when creating backups. Although there are various methods to convert MBOX to PST file. The highest level of security provided only by a professional tool like the Kernel for MBOX to PST. This tool has the capability to transform Thunderbird’s MBOX files and export them to various email clients, including Yahoo! Mail. It provides users with a comprehensive preview of the file’s content, enabling them to make informed decisions about how to save it according to their specific requirements. You can also deal with oversized MBOX files issues with the help of the tool.

Follow These Steps to Save MBOX Files to Yahoo! Emails

  1. Launch the converter software on your system, then select the Browse option to import the MBOX file or folder into the tool.Click on Browse to add the MBOX file
  2. You can select “Finish” right away, and it will be applied Finish
  3. Choose a mailbox item to generate a thorough preview of its contents, then click the “Save” button.Click Save
  4. Select “Yahoo” as the output type from the dropdown menu to save the data, then proceed by clicking “Next.”save the data and click on Next
  5. You have the option to selectively save data by selecting filters. Once done, simply click Next to continue.Click on Next
  6. Please provide your Yahoo! login credentials, including your login ID and password. Once done, click on the “Finish” option to finalize the process.Select Finish
  7. The entirety of MBOX email data has been effectively dispatched to the Yahoo mailbox.


To streamline your email management, integrate your Yahoo Mail with Thunderbird. This convenient setup not only simplifies your work life but also centralizes all your emails within one platform. Moreover, Thunderbird boasts a range of additional functionalities, such as a calendar, note-taking, task management, contact organization, event scheduling, and appointment tracking. Should you ever need to migrate your Thunderbird data back to Yahoo Mail, you can rely on the MBOX to Outlook PST software for seamless restoration. It can help you in exporting emails from Thunderbird to PST, in case you switch to a different email client, MS Outlook.

Kernel Import MBOX to PST