How to configure Yahoo! Mail to Thunderbird?

Anisha Rawat
Anisha Rawat | Updated On - 28 Feb 2022 |

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Yahoo! Mail was launched in October 1997, and it is considered to be one of the earliest email services that were stable and popular for a long time. Due to its vast storage capacity, protection against virus risks, and decent calendar and notes features, Yahoo! became a market leader with over 225 million users. But with the technological advancement of other email services, it lost its charm. However, there are still many Yahoo users who like it. This article will help them configure their Yahoo account in Mozilla Thunderbird.

Yahoo Mail and Thunderbird

There are many email clients available, out of which Mozilla Thunderbird is on top since it offers a wide variety of features. It is a free and open-source email client which is designed for multiple platforms. It helps you manage emails offline. Here, we will be discussing how you can effortlessly configure Yahoo! Mail in Mozilla Thunderbird.

Why configure Yahoo! Mail to Thunderbird?

These are a few reasons which led the users to configure Yahoo! Mail in Thunderbird. It is necessary to have the knowledge about it, as it makes your decision simpler-

  • Thunderbird has many features to organize emails and other data, including notes, calendar, appointments, events, tasks, contacts, etc.
  • Yahoo! Mail needs internet connectivity all the time to access emails. But using Thunderbird, one can work in offline mode as well.
  • Thunderbird is better suited for professionals as they can easily add all email accounts at a single location.

How to configure Yahoo! Mail to Thunderbird?

Thunderbird maintains its entire user information in MBOX files. After you configure Yahoo in Thunderbird, all the emails in Yahoo! will be saved in MBOX file format.

To begin with, make sure Thunderbird is installed on your system, and the first step is to link the Yahoo! Mail with Mozilla Thunderbird manually.

Follow these steps carefully to set up Yahoo! Mail in Thunderbird:
  1. Select Tools from the Menu bar and then click on Account Settings.
  2. A new window will appear. From the left panel, click on Account Actions and then, Add Mail Account.
  3. Enter the credentials- your name, Email address, and the password of your Yahoo account. Click on Continue.
  4. Now, the email protocol must be set up. Choose IMAP and click on Manual config. To manually configure the server.
  5. Enter all the required details and set up the incoming and outgoing ports as 993 and 465, respectively. Click on Done.
  6. After the authentication is completed successfully, the Yahoo! email account will be added to Thunderbird.

How to save MBOX emails to Yahoo!?

It is necessary to maintain a backup of all the MBOX files containing all your emails and other data and save it for any crisis situation. Since the files contain confidential data of the user, it becomes a responsibility to take backup with secure software. Although there are various free methods to convert MBOX to PST file. The level of security is provided only by a professional tool like the Kernel for MBOX to PST. It is well capable of converting Thunderbird’s MBOX files and saving them to any email client, including Yahoo! Mail. A comprehensive preview generated by the tool helps the users analyze the content of the file and save them according to their needs. You can also deal with oversized MBOX files issues with the help of the tool.

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Follow These Steps to Save MBOX Files to Yahoo! Emails

  1. Open the converter software on the system. Click on Browse to add the MBOX file or folder to the tool.Click on Browse to add the MBOX file
  2. It will be added immediately, and now, select Finish
  3. Select a mailbox item to generate a comprehensive preview of it. Click Save.Click Save
  4. Choose the output type as Yahoo from the list in order to save the data and click on the data and click on Next
  5. You can choose the filters to save data selectively. Again, click on Next to proceed.Click on Next
  6. Enter your Yahoo! login ID and password. Finally, select Finish to complete the process.Select Finish
  7. All the MBOX email data has been successfully sent to the Yahoo mailbox.


You can access Yahoo mails in Thunderbird by simply adding the Yahoo account to your Thunderbird account. It will make your work life much easier since you will be able to manage all emails from a single location. In addition, Thunderbird offers other features, including a calendar, notes, tasks, contacts, events, appointments, etc. Data of Thunderbird can be restored to Yahoo Mail using the this MBOX to Outlook PST software. It can also help you in exporting emails from Thunderbird to PST, in case you decide to switch to a different email client which is, MS Outlook.