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Summary: This blog offers a comprehensive guide for Roundcube users concerned about email security. It explains the importance of backing up Roundcube emails, provides a native backup method, and recommends a third-party tool, Kernel for EML to PST Converter, for a more efficient and versatile backup process to Outlook PST and Office 365 formats, ensuring email data protection.

Calling all Roundcube users concerned about email security! Dive into this blog for a comprehensive guide to alleviate all your email security concerns.

What is Roundcube?

Roundcube stands as an open-source, web-oriented email client accessible via cPanel. It facilitates the sending, receiving, and storage of emails, akin to conventional email clients. It is complemented by two additional webmail interfaces, namely Horde and SquirreMail. In addition to email functionalities, this client extends its services to include a Calendar and Contacts feature, compatible with roughly 70 languages. Given its web-based nature, Roundcube allows access from any location.

Why do we need to backup Roundcube emails?

Much like Gmail and other web-based email clients, Roundcube emails also require protection. This can be achieved through a backup solution that saves emails in a portable file format or in a cloud destination. This backup is crucial for accessing data in scenarios such as accidental or intentional deletion, unavailability or crash of the Roundcube application, or in the event of data loss due to online threats like hacking, phishing, or malicious links. Additionally, it proves advantageous for organizations with legal obligations to retain email records for future reference.

A native way to backup Roundcube emails

Backing up Roundcube emails using the native method is a straightforward and cost-free process accessible to anyone. We’ve provided a comprehensive guide detailing the entire native email backup procedure here.

  1. Login to your Roundcube web-based email application through the webmail interface with details like user name and password.
  2. From the Roundcube email interface, click on the particular email which you want to backup and click the More option on the top right. Then, select the Export option from the drop-down list.Roundcube email interface
  3. The selected email will start to download, and once the download is completed, it can be accessed on the default Downloads folder on the system in the EML file format.Email strat to downoad
  4. To backup other emails in the EML file format, repeat the same procedure for each email.
Why is the native way for backup not sound?

The above native solution is not fit for the common requirements of users as it has multiple drawbacks or limitations such as –

  • Unsuitable for backup of multiple emails
  • Time-consuming process
  • Does not support any other file format except EML format, which is difficult to manage
  • No flexibility in the backup process
  • Cannot backup emails to the cloud platform
  • Need to access Roundcube email client application
Backup Roundcube emails to PST/Office 365

A lot of users are interested in backing up their Roundcube emails to either Outlook PST or Office 365. Managing and operating the stored EML files from the Roundcube email client can be quite challenging, given that each file represents a single message. Thus, it is advisable to safeguard EML files by converting them into a more sophisticated and easily manageable file format, such as the Outlook PST format.

But there is nothing to worry about!

We understand our user’s requirements and thus recommend the most efficient third-party tool known as the Kernel for EML to PST Converter that securely moves any number of EML files to the PST file format, MSG format, and Office 365 directly. The advanced tool protects the integrity of emails and backs up EML files from all email clients. It even lets users preview email content before selecting them for backup.

Now, let us check out the automated process to backup Roundcube emails to PST/Office 365 destination.

  1. If you have already installed the tool, launch it.
  2. On the welcome screen of the tool, all the system folders will get listed on the left panel to select EML files EML files
  3. If you do not recognize the exact location for your Roundcube EML files, click the Find option on the top bar of the welcome screen. Next, click Browse to select and add the system drive to search the required EML file using the Search option automatically.Find location for your Roundcube EML files
  4. All the EML files within a particular drive will get listed out. Select desired EML files and click OK. Select desired EML files
  5. The selected EML files will get listed, and a file preview is available. Click the Save option after selecting emails and email folders.Listing of EML files
  6. Apply filter options like date range & item field, select the checkbox attachments to save email attachments, etc., to do a selective backup of Roundcube EML files. Then, click Next.Apply filter
  7. Now, select the destination as Save in PST and select one of the options, i.e., Create new PST or Save to existing PST as per your choice by providing the location. Finally, click the destination as Save in PST
    Note: To save EML files to the Office 365 platform, select the Office 365 option and then provide login details to complete the backup.
  8. The backup of the Roundcube EML files gets started and completes soon with a confirmation message.
  9. Hence, we have just seen the easiest and automated way to convert EML to PST and import to Office 365 destination location in the minimum time.

Final Words

Securing email backups is now imperative for both businesses and individuals in order to safeguard content from potential external or internal threats that may lead to data loss or unavailability. While Roundcube emails can be natively secured in EML format, the advanced EML to Outlook PST Converter tool plays a crucial role in enabling a swift and high-quality backup of Roundcube emails to both Outlook PST and Office 365 formats.

Kernel for EML to PST