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Dealing with errors occurred while opening or using NSF database

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While working with Lotus Notes and performing operations like opening or deleting a message, one of the following error messages may appear:

“You are not authorized to perform that operation”


“You are not authorized to access that database”

The above error messages are caused by lack of rights set in Lotus Notes Access Control List (ACL).  With this feature of ACL, an administrator assigns the permissions for reading, writing and executing a specific operation.

Access Control List has access control specifications for users, their roles and the permissions as a string of bits called access masks. If an administrator does not give access privileges to the users for a specified operation and if the user tries to perform that operation, then he gets the error You are not authorized to perform that operation. In the similar way, if user does not have the permission for accessing the whole NSF database, then any type of operation operated on it will end up with the error message You are not authorized to access that database.

If the Notes database is set free from all types of access permission rights and then user tries to perform the operations on the database, then he/she will not get the above mentioned error messages. But, if there is an urgent requirement to open and use the NSF database, then in that case lotus notes local security removal tool can be used.

Kernel for NSF Local Security Removal software is designed with technically advanced concepts that easily remove local NSF database security from the files. After removing local securities, user can access the NSF database files and perform operations on it. With the NSF local security removal software, you can also undo the changes implemented to the file. The best feature of such tools is that they remove local securities from the NSF database, without removing or modifying the encryption from the file.

Removing local securities from NSF databases are often related to NSF password recovery or removing encryption from the database. But, it is not true as such tools are only the measures to remove those local securities which provide access and not the password or encryption. To remove passwords and encryption from Lotus Notes DBs, users need to have the User ID and other server details.

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