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Imagine you are working with HCL Notes and performing operations like opening or deleting a message and you encounter any of the following error messages:

You are not authorized to perform that operation


“You are not authorized to access that database”

Why such errors pop up?

These error messages are an indications of accessing rights set in HCL Notes Access Control List (ACL). Access Control List is a feature in HCL Notes through which the administrator assigns the permissions for reading, writing and executing a specific operation. Access Control List has access control specifications for users, their roles and the permissions as a string of bits called access masks.

If an administrator does not give access privileges to some selected users for a specified operation and then those selected users try to perform that operation, then they might encounter this error: “You are not authorized to perform that operation.

Similarly, if administrator denied the user the permission to access the complete NSF database, then any type of operation even opening it will end up with the error message: “You are not authorized to access that database.”

What are the solutions?

The simplest solution to avoid or rectify such errors is assigning the permissions to the users for specific functions (those were denied earlier) or setting Notes database free of any access rights or permissions via Manage Directory ACL.

And there could be a condition where there is a requirement for accessing the NSF database. Such a situation urges the need for a robust and advanced Local Security Removal Software for NSF database. After removing the local securities, the user can access the NSF database files and perform all operations on it without any restrictions. The software that can be trusted blindly for such an operation is Kernel for NSF Local Security Removal Software.

Why Kernel for NSF Local Security Removal Software?

The software fixes access restriction error messages. The best feature of the tool is that it removes local securities from the NSF database, without removing or modifying the encryption from the file. The tool is designed with a simple and short steps user-interface for all types of users (technical or non-technical) and removes restrictions on NSF files in a single click making them accessible once again. It also converts an UNDO file automatically before functioning over the added NSF file as a security measure. All the above shows compatibility with all versions of the HCL Notes application.

You can have the evaluation version of NSF Local Security Removal Software that can remove restrictions from file size up to 5 MB. It is absolutely free of cost. However, for performing security restrictions removal on large NSF files (more than 5 MB in size), purchase the full version of Kernel for NSF Local Security Removal Software.


Being unable to access HCL Notes database and work on it is a serious issue. The file permissions should be checked if the error pops up. The required access permissions can be provided from Manage Directory ACL. But the quick need for NSF database data may drive you to look for a software that automatically removes any restrictions on a user for accessing the particular database. Think of using Kernel for NSF Local Security Removal Software in that case.

Kernel for NSF Local Security Removal
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