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Notes Storage Format or NSF file is a database file used by Lotus Notes users to save emails, notes, contacts, calendars and other objects. Lotus Notes has a feature embedded in it, known as Access Control List (ACL) that is a list of permissions attached to an object. Using this list, the administrator can apply a wide gamut of access rules for local users to access a particular file. By applying these access rules on NSF files, the NSF file owner is awarded with the privilege to open or manage the NSF file. Also, if any user who does not holds the access rights to that particular NSF file, tries opening the file, he comes across an error message saying –

“You are not authorized to perform that operation”

It’s clear that the reason for this error message is the lack of access privileges to the user. Hence to solve this issue the user must have the access rights to the file. And, if somehow the user can remove the local security, then he/she can surely open the NSF database file.

Also, in case user’s NSF database file was replaced by a new file created using administrator’s user ID and the NSF Access Control List had only administrator listed as the user having access to the particular database, same issue can arise.

Now, generating a new NSF file using user’s Notes ID can resolve the problem which can be done by either deleting or renaming the NSF file in the data directory and restarting Notes.

Note – In order to do this, the NSF file must be present in the data directory so that the new NSF file can be created on restarting the Notes.

Whenever the error message you are not authorized to perform that operation prevents you from opening the NSF file, trying third party NSF local security removal software may help you deal with the error-you are not authorized to perform that operation. Using such tools, you can easily remove local security from the Notes NSF files and open them without getting that error message displayed on your computer screen.

Kernel for NSF Local Security Removal software is a tool designed to remove local security from NSF file. Additionally, the software also allows the user to re-apply the local security once they have finished working on the file. The software cannot remove encryption from the NSF file but it deals effectively with the error messages such as “You are not authorized to access that database” and “You are not authorized to perform that operation.”

Dealing with you are not authorized to perform that operation error message using Kernel for NSF Local Security Removal

Removing local security from Lotus Notes NSF file using Kernel for NSF Local Security Removal is very easy. Just select the NSF file from which you want to remove local security and click Remove local security from selected database button.

This tool neither decrypts any encrypted file nor removes password protection from NSF file. It only helps you to open the NSF file displaying the error ‘You are not authorized to perform that operation.’ This tool also provides the option to reapply local security (for this, you only need to click the Undo changes button after selecting the NSF file).

Q- What is the restriction while using the trial version of NSF Local Security Removal tool?

A– It can allow access for an NSF file till 5 MB only.

Q- Can I edit the NSF file after removing the local security access?

A– Yes, you can open and edit the NSF file are using the software. It will remove all the security issues.

Q- Will the encryption break after using the software?

A– The encryption of NSF file will not be broken after using the software. It is secure enough to protect integrity, structure, and encryption completely.

Kernel for NSF Local Security Removal
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