Category: Email Recovery

Published On - February 07, 2022

Clean Up Outlook Mailbox to Make Space for New Emails

Are you troubled with weekly or daily error messages with the warning “you have just run out of mailbox space?” This is a basic Outlook pop-up that the majority of the users get on their systems. This universal problem can easily be resolved by cleaning up your entire Outlook inbox. At times, the full clean-up…

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Updated On - March 17, 2022

Something Went Wrong, and Your Search Couldn’t be Completed, Error in Outlook

Developed by Microsoft, Outlook is the top choice among users to manage emails and other data. It is a one-stop destination with the sole purpose of getting things done by the effective organization of emails, contacts, tasks, notes, and calendar. Professionals usually receive various emails from different senders. To ease out the process, Outlook provides…

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Updated On - December 24, 2021

How to Recover Outlook Contacts from Backup?

Outlook is a widely used email client by various business platforms. Yet, due to some unavoidable issues, Outlook data can get lost. The problem becomes a nightmare if you lose some important contacts. Hence, it is always advisable to have a backup PST file to store all the emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks. When required,…

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Updated On - September 15, 2021

Why you need Kernel Exchange Suite?

Want to know where you can find Exchange Server and Outlook-related solutions in one place? Then get ready to experience the features and functions of the advanced tool – Kernel Exchange Suite that cater to all your Exchange repair, recovery, and migration requirements. First, let us go through the most general needs and challenges faced…

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Updated On - July 19, 2022

How to Use the Set-MailboxExportRequest Cmdlet?

This article explains the use of the “Set-Mailbox Export Request” cmdlet in Exchange Management Shell. Many Exchange users are aware of the “New-Mailbox Export Request” cmdlet to export Exchange mailboxes as PST files. Exchange administrators must have assigned the Mailbox Import Export Role to carry out this export operation in the Exchange Management Shell. The…

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Updated On - July 18, 2022

Solved the Exchange error– “Mailbox export stalled due to source disk latency”

Exchange Server allows to export selected mailboxes to a PST file in the local computer also to live exchange server and office 365. There are two methods – First one is using Exchange Management Shell commands and another one is using Exchange Admin Center. During export process, you can choose a folder location where the…

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