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Whether it’s about sharing a resume, software documentation, or case studies, PDF is considered as the standard file format for all the processes. Even if we download our bank statement, it is downloaded in PDF format. And this clearly proves how important PDF files are.

But, have you ever wondered what you will do if your PDF file gets corrupt due to various reasons? Just like every other file format, PDF files are also prone to corruption. Thus, it is crucial to take the necessary steps to recover your PDF files. But, repairing PDF files with manual methods is not feasible if you’re unable to open the file.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss five PDF Repair tools that offers repair pdf files.

Reason for PDF Corruption

There are no specific reasons behind the corruption of a PDF file. It could take place due to various reasons and scenarios, such as:

  • Immediate shutdown of system while opening PDF
  • The tool used for PDF editing is not working properly
  • PDF file is accessed with any other tool rather than PDF opener
  • Malware on your system
  • Various Windows errors
Tools to Repair PDF Files

When it comes to repairing corrupt PDF files, there are plenty of tools available in the market. But, not every one of them is capable of repairing the PDF files. So, you need to have knowledge about the best PDF repair tools, which includes:

  1. A professional software to repair PDF-

    The first tool in our list is Kernel for PDF Repair, which has achieved an esteemed position in the market by providing full recovery of corrupt PDF files. Whether you want to repair a single or multiple corrupt PDF files, you can quickly achieve it with this tool. The significant features that make this utility a valuable one are:

    • Quick repairing of damaged/corrupt or inaccessible PDF files
    • Extract images, hyperlinks, bookmarks, comments, and notes from the PDF files
    • Maintains the data integrity and formatting of PDF files after recovery
    • Bulk repairing of corrupt PDF files in one step
    • No file size limitations on repairing the corrupt PDF files

    Let’s see the working process of this tool to get better hands-on experience on it.

    1. First of all, download and configure the software on your system.
    2. On opening the software, click the Select Files, and upload the files that you want to repair with the tool.
      Select Files
    3. Once the files are added, click the Repair button at the bottom of the the Repair button
    4. Select a location to save the file on the system and click OK.Select a location to save the file
    5. The software will start repairing the PDF files; you can see the process on the screen.start repairing the PDF files
    6. Once the files are repaired, a message will appear on screen displaying File repair process is completed, click OK to end the OK to end the process.
    PDF Repair Toolbox

    This is another PDF repair tool that is capable of repairing corrupt PDF files. It is also included with smart algorithms that are helpful in data recognition and data integration. However, if you want to repair password-protected files, then this is not a viable option for you. Also, this software is not capable of repairing encrypted PDF files. Some extensive features offered by the software are:

    • Recover damaged PDF documents created by any PDF creator
    • Ideal for all versions of PDF files
    • Allow saving the recovered data in a new PDF file
    • Offers saving PDF files into compressed and non-compressed PDF files

    Individuals who are looking for free PDF repair tools can take help from this online software. PDF2GO is an online platform that offers plenty of services for PDF files. Whether you want to convert a PDF file or repair it in the same format, PDF2GO gives you access to everything. It is included with various features, such as:

    • Repair all sort of corrupt/damaged PDF files
    • Doesn’t require any installation on your system
    • An online tool to repair and convert PDF to various formats
    • Maintains the integrity and format of PDF files.

    It is a free tool, and so there are some limitations to it, such as it cannot repair encrypted or password-protected PDF files. Also, if you convert PDF to Word after fixing, chances are it will not be retained in the same format.

    PDF Resizer

    PDF Resizer is another online PDF recovery tool that allows you to upload your corrupt/damaged PDF file, and then repair it with a simple process. Though you cannot repair highly corrupted PDF files, it allows you to fix severe corruption errors of PDF files. Some helpful features offered by PDF Resizer are:

    • Offers multiple PDF file recovery options
    • Comes with plenty of tools to fix the PDF files
    • Allow rewriting the PDF file structure or filtering the broken pages

    But, there is a file size limitation to repair the PDF files. You can only upload PDF files of 100 MB maximum.

    Sejda PDF Repair

    There are many PDF repair platforms available online, but Sejda is considered one of the best amongst them. It assures you that your PDF file will be deleted from their server after two hours of repairing, which means if you have critical data in a corrupt PDF file, then you can repair it with Sejda for security purposes. However, it also offers other features as well, such as:

    • Allow repairing three PDF files at once
    • Ensures the quality and integrity of PDF files after recovery
    • Allow uploading PDF files from Google Drive or Dropbox directly
    • Save the repaired file on your system

    However, you are allowed to rectify a PDF file of up to 50 MB only.

    These five PDF repair tools can be used to repair your corrupt PDF files. But, if you want to learn how to open PDF documents in Microsoft edge, then check out our blog.


    Repairing a PDF file could be a headache if you’re unable to access its content. Also, it becomes complicated for users to select a reliable PDF Repairing tool. So, we created this article to help users learn about the five best PDF repair tools.

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