Password Recovery Tools

Kernel Password Recovery tools help you recover passwords of Access Database files, SQL database files, and VBA Projects.

Kernel for Access Password Recovery

Kernel for Access Password Recovery efficiently recovers password from Access database files. It also ensures that during password recovery, there is no harm to original data.

  • Recovers password from MS Access database files (MDB and ACCDB).
  • Instantly decrypts the password and allows to copy it.
  • Retrieves the original passwords without any modifications.
  • Interactive and friendly interface for easy password recovery.
  • Compatible all MS Access and Windows OS versions. Read more...
Kernel for SQL Password Recovery

Kernel for SQL Password Recovery restores lost passwords from SQL databases without requiring any technical skills. It can recover multiple passwords at a time.

  • Recovers passwords from MDF files instantly.
  • Restores passwords of multiple users.
  • Decrypts the passwords and allows users to copy it.
  • Recovers multilingual password from SQL database files.
  • Owns simple and straightforward GUI for easy password recovery. Read more...
Kernel for VBA Password Recovery

Kernel for VBA Password Recovery offers recovery of VBA project passwords. It can retrieve passwords in different languages from MS Office VBA files.

  • Quickly recovers multilingual and lengthy passwords from VBA files.
  • No harm to original data during password recovery.
  • Enabled with copy password option to copy the retrieved password.
  • Has interactive interface suitable for all types of users.
  • Works with all versions of MS Office and Windows Operating system. Read more...
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