What benefits does the tool give to you?
Quick Migration

Quick Migration The whole migration process is completed quickly due to the advanced algorithms of the software. It copies mailbox data from G Suite and saves them in single or multiple Office 365 mailboxes.

Uninterrupted service

Uninterrupted service While migrating the G Suite mailboxes, the user does not need to stop working as our software does not interrupt using the cloud account. The user can continue to work on them and access the data.

Migration to respective folders

Migration to respective folders When the user has mapped source and destination accounts, then they get the assurance of precise migration. The software will migrate inbox to inbox, contacts to contacts, journals to journals, notes to notes folder, and so on. The smart algorithms of the software will take care of it.

Sequential migration

Sequential migration The software lets you select mailboxes from different accounts, but it migrates one folder at a time. You can check how many contents it has migrated by checking its running status.

Descriptive interface

Descriptive interface While performing G Suite and Office 365, the software provides all the essential information on its interface. It will guide you on how to provide proper credentials and permissions.

No post-migration jobs

No post-migration jobs As soon as the migration from G Suite to Office 365 is complete, you can access the content in the destination account. No post-migration actions are required to accommodate new data. The messages and other data will keep their status accurately.

Salient Features

The G Suite to Office 365 tool is developed with smart features that are shortly explained here.

Complete G Suite to Office 365

Complete G Suite to Office 365 With this tool, it is easy to migrate content from G Suite to Office 365. All the items of the Google Workspace like Gmail, Contacts, Calendar/Appointments, and Hangouts Chats are moved securely (but the tool will not display Calendar/Appointments or Contacts in the list view of G Suite folders).

Migrate to Mailbox, Archive Mailbox, or Public Folde

Migrate to Mailbox, Archive Mailbox, or Public Folder You can migrate the content directly to the archive mailbox or public folder apart from the primary mailbox. So, you can access the data instantly there after the completion of the migration.

Migrate Multiple Mailboxes

Migrate Multiple Mailboxes The tool allows you to migrate multiple mailboxes using a Google Workspace Super Admin account and an Office 365 Global administrator account. Also, you can use a CSV file to migrate multiple mailboxes simultaneously. It increases the accuracy and speed of the migration.

Quick and Easy Mapping

Quick and Easy Mapping The G Suite to Office 365 tool gives you the option to map the source mailboxes with the destination mailboxes – manually or using a CSV file. Such a facility reduces the chances of errors and improves speed.

Advanced Filters

Advanced Filters There are various filters that stop the unwanted data from the migration - date filter, item type filter, skip previously migrated items, & migrate directly to Office 365 groups. All these filters facilitate a need-based Google Workspace to Office 365.

A Complete Report in CSV Format

A Complete Report in CSV Format After the migration, the tool offers to save the report in CSV format. In the report file, you can check the status of each migrated item. You can easily verify the migration with the CSV file report.

Error-free Office 365 login

Error-free Office 365 login The tool offers two Office 365 login modes. With the Basic Authentication mode, users can easily log into Office 365 using the basic credentials. If they face any login errors, they simply can switch to the Modern Authentication mode and log in without any issues.

Migration in four steps

Migration in four steps The G Suite to Office 365 tool completes in just four steps – Add source & destination accounts, Map source & destination mailboxes, Filter data, and Migrate. With these simples steps and user-friendly GUI anyone can perform this migration without any issues.

FAQs - Kernel G Suite to Office 365
Users migrating G Suite to Office 365 need a tool like Kernel G Suite to Office 365 migration software. Below are the easy steps to perform the migration:
  1. Go to our website and download Kernel for G Suite to Office 365 software.
  2. Double "Click" on the "exe", install, and then launch the software
  3. Now click > Add to add source G Suite ( Google Workspace) mailboxes.
  4. Input the login details into fields like Login Email ID, Service Account Email ID, and P12 file path
  5. Users can chooses either the Single Mailbox option or List all the Mailboxes; click " Add ".
  6. Now click > Add Destination; a login dialog box will open.
  7. Input login details of Office 365 tenant (server name, mailboxes login id, & password).
  8. Now list the Office 365 mailboxes and click > Add.
  9. We now have Source and Destination mailboxes listed and ready to start the G Suite to Office 365 migration.
  10. Map the desired mailboxes; users can choose Archive or Public folder as per the migration need.
  11. After this, apply the filters on the filter page and click the I am "Ok", "Start Migration" button.
  12. The tool will start the migration from G Suite and will provide a report at the end.
The P 12 key is a public key that helps the service account to connect with third-party applications like our software. To create the P 12 key –
  1. Login to your Google Workspace account and go to the list of service accounts.
  2. Choose the service account whose apps data you want to migrate to Office 365.
  3. After choosing the service account, click the Add Key option.
  4. Click Create New key.
  5. Choose the second option of P 12 and click Create.
  6. P 12 key will be downloaded on the computer. You can go and check it in the download folder. You will need to input the whole path of the P 12 key in the G Suite login page of the software.
The tool does not put any specification for the domain name of the accounts. It will choose the data and migrate to the office 365 mailbox. It doesn’t matter if the domains are the same or not.
The tool shows the list after you provide the Office 365 login details. You can deselect the mailboxes easily and proceed with the migration.
The tool makes sure that you need not perform any post-migration activity. You can start working with the new data immediately after the migration.
The free version of the software will migrate 10 items per folder. It is better to download the trial version, then run the migration and check its results.
The tool can migrate Calendar/Appointments and Contacts only if the API is enabled for them. To enable API, follow these steps:
  1. Go to https://console.developers.google.com.
  2. Go to your domain and ensure that the new/existing project has the required API enabled.

    Google API

How it Works?
HOW IT WORKS? Kernel G Suite to Office 365

The software has a minimal interface, and so G Suite to Office 365 is easy.


Software Prerequisites & Recommendations

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About G Suite to Office 365

  • Version: 23.1
  • Release Date: Sep 2022
  • License Type: Number of Mailbox

System Requirements

  • Hard Disk

    50 MB of disk space

  • Memory

    128 MB Minimum

  • Processor

    Intel® Pentium Processor compatible (x86, x64) or equivalent

  • Operating System

    Windows OS Platforms - Windows 365, 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, NT and 95 Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2003 R2, 2003

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