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Data theft in organizations is quite common these days. Important data can be leaked due to several reasons which can cause a severe damage to the company. Data protection is the need of the hour and that is the reason why document shredding has now become a vital task.

In this blog we shall discuss some of the reasons why data shredding is becoming popular these days and various ways in which this process is possible. We will also recommend a file shredding software which is among the 7 best file eraser software for Windows. Let’s put some light on the importance of shredding documents to prevent the leakage of confidential information.

  • Data security
    Data breach is one of the common problems that can take place if data shredding is not done regularly. If the data becomes accessible to everyone, it can be used against the company. Apart from this, protecting employee data is of utmost importance.
    Organizations contain sensitive information of the employees including their family background, address, medical history and much more. If data shredding is not done on old or abandoned computers, this information can be leaked and used against the employees. Hence, dismantling the data physically gives the peace of mind that the employee data is safe and protected.
  • Compliance with company laws
    Shredding all the unwanted confidential information of the company will make it compliant with the company policies and laws. Regular shredding ensures that all the important documents are being discarded on time to prevent data breach in case of hardware loss or theft. Also, it is a wise step before selling or throwing away your old PCs.
  • Creates extra storage space
    Storing unwanted files for years is an unnecessary and cleaning up should be a regular practice. Files shredding practice can save a lot of storage space by discarding old office documents which are no longer in use. This helps in space optimization and saves space for new data.
  • Mental peace
    Apart from data protection, file shredding also gives you mental peace as all your confidential documents cannot be leaked. Getting important information leaked, be it employees’ personal data or company accounts, is a big nightmare. A regular file shredding practice saves you from such nightmares.
  • Builds trust
    Keeping employee data confidential is a must for every organization. So, leakage of such information from your old or unused systems may affect the reputation of the company too. So, securing the data of the customers including, medical records, personal information, legal information, and social security is also very important. It builds trust and confidence that their information is safe and secure with the organization.
  • Shredding is environment friendly
    Various companies follow professional shredding practices that ensure sustainable recycling practice. These companies shred electronic documents so that they don’t have to destroy unwanted systems for data security. These PCs can then be sent for recycling. This process makes it even more environment friendly. Any traces of information left on the hardware, are destroyed during the recycling process.

There are many free methods to delete files permanently. But most of the companies either hire destruction vendors or use file shredding software so that all their important and unwanted data is destroyed without any important information getting leaked. One such professional tool is Kernel File Shredder that helps destroying sensitive and important information which is beyond recovery. The user can customize the shredding process as per their requirements. The tool uses advanced shredding algorithms to erase the data completely from computers.


Shredding is now a strategic need for most of the large and small business organizations. It is not only environment friendly but also reduces major amount of company costs and unnecessary expenses. It’s an excellent tool that is equipped with advance features and algorithms that makes data destruction an easy task.