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Google Drive is the cloud space that is available for each Google user and businesses to store all their files and folders without worrying about the type and size of the data. The user has full control and authority over the accessibility of data, but if you are using G Suite, then the administrator provides you authentication rights based on the level of usage.

Sometimes, a user gets an error that access to Google Drive is denied or simply any other error where there are chances of the data involved getting hampered. There can be several reasons behind these errors, but they can have a bigger impact. That’s why there arises an urgent need to backup all your drive data with a decent backup software.

The Need for Google Drive Backup

Most of the Google Drive users are amazed to hear about cloud backup as they think the cloud platform is secure in itself. But there is a different story that each Google Drive user needs to understand – even the files and folders in cloud drive are vulnerable to inaccessibility data loss issues. These are the reasons which every user needs to know in order to secure their Google Drive content-

  • Facilitates quick recovery of accidentally or intentionally deleted files and folders.
  • Secures Google Drive content from loss or deletion via the deprovisioning of licenses
  • Ensures all-time accessibility of Google Drive files in cases of G Suite app outages, ransomware attacks, and slow/bad internet performance
  • Useful for legal compliances, litigation holds, and references
  • Helps in restoring files or data lost from Google Drive or its shared folders
  • Ensures recovery in case of doss of data from synchronized Google Drive folder (as it causes data loss in cloud storage as well)
  • Compensates for the limitations of retention policies of Google Drive data and helps to recover deleted files from Google Drive
Know About the Top 4 Google Drive Backup Tools

It is difficult to find the right software as there are many available over the internet and each has their own different features. However, we have listed a few tools that meet the basic Google Drive backup needs of all types of users.

  1. Kernel Google Drive Backup Tool

    Company: KernelApps Private Limited
    Data Backup: All files and folders in Google Drive along with other G Suite applications

    Top 5 features:

    • Allows data backup from multiple user accounts via super administrator credentials
    • Multiple filters – Date range, folder selection—based on which selective data can be backed up
    • Advanced feature to skip already migrated items and perform incremental migration
    • Backs up Google Drive data of G Suite user accounts content
    • Backs up Gmail, Contacts, Calendars/Appointments, etc.

    Trial Version: Available (backs up 10 documents from each drive free)

  2. Backupify for G Suite

    Website: backupify.com
    Company: Backupify
    Data Backup: Backup G Suite or Google Workspace – Drive, Team Drives, Gmail, Contacts, Calendars

    Top 5 features:

    • Google Drive files and other G Suite applications (Gmail, Contacts, Calendars, Team Drives) data backup
    • Offers cloud managed backup with online monitoring – no need for on-premises infrastructure
    • The facility of on-demand Google Drive backups
    • Incomparable backup speed for heavy files
    • Added facilities like G Suite data restore, search parameters, and complete data control

    Trial Version: Available as 15 days free trial

  3. SpinBackup for G Suite

    Website: spinbackup.com
    Company: Spin Technology
    Data Backup: Backup G Suite or Google Workspace – Drive, Team Drives, Gmail, Contacts, Calendars, Photos, Sites

    Top 5 features:

    • Cloud to cloud backup and recovery to destinations like MS Azure, Customer storage, AWS S3, Google CS
    • Automated data backup
    • Added control over Google Drive backup with folder selection and scheduling features
    • Restoring of accidentally deleted files, previous versions, owner-deleted files, etc.
    • Offers disaster recovery, local downloads, security protections, and more

    Trial Version: Available, 15 days free trial

  4. StorageCraft Cloud Backup

    Website: StorageCraft.com
    Company: StorageCraft
    Data Backup: Backup G Suite Google Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Sites

    Top 5 features:

    • Automated backup of Office 365, Microsoft 365, and G Suite content including Google Drive to Microsoft Azure and Amazon S3 data center
    • One-stop management with all clients set up, monitoring, and management on the same platform
    • Advanced search and browse options to locate backed-up files from all SaaS applications
    • Back up the desired version of folder and files in their original formats
    • Generate automatic audit reports for the review of cloud backup processes
      • Trial Version: Available, 30 days free trial

A Quick Comparison of Top 4 Google Drive Backup Tools

On discussing the briefs about the top 4 Google Drive backup tools in 2023, we can slightly make a comparison and select the best one suited for our respective organization. While Kernel Google Drive Backup tool offers direct Google Drive to local system backup solution, the other three tools in the row are developed for Cloud to Cloud backup solutions including for Google Drive which means the data is transferred to another cloud destination which suits some businesses as they can anytime restore the data from that cloud destination to the original location without any on-premises infrastructure. On the contrary, some organizations are bound to legal compliances and need to hold all business data as a record or for future references which can be ported or available all the time even without the internet obligations, for those the Kernel Google Drive Backup would be the best choice.

StorageCraft, SpinBackup, and Backupify tool support scheduled backup for Google Drive content including additional backup and recovery services for G Suite, Microsoft 365 (Office 365) as mentioned above. Kernel Google Drive Backup is a standalone platform for adding batch user accounts using super administrator credentials and CSV file delivering quick, flexible, and automated Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, and Google Drive backup.

So, seeking the existing and long-term requirements of the businesses, it would be easier to go for the best option amongst the four top Google Drive Backup tools. So, choose wisely and secure your Google Drive content forever.



Google Drive backup is essential for many businesses which focuses on safeguarding their drive content from any sort of data loss or inaccessibility threats. We have discussed at length about the best and top-ranked Google Drive backup solutions- Kernel Google Drive backup, Backupify for G Suite, SpinBackup for G Suite, and StorageCraft Cloud Backup. now, depending upon their best features and preference, users can choose the most suited one for their business.