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Summary: The content discusses Google Workspace (G Suite) plans, services, pricing, and features, including a 14-day free trial. It helps readers choose the best plan for their business needs.

The number of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) enthusiasts is experiencing rapid exponential growth each year. A significant queue of businesses eagerly awaits the opportunity to embrace this cloud platform due to its cutting-edge collaboration, productivity, and cloud computing capabilities. Many are already looking for tips to work from home with Google Workspace. Because G Suite offers various plans with distinct services and storage options, it’s essential to be familiar with the available options before selecting the one that best fits your needs.

This article aims to provide comprehensive information to individuals interested in G Suite, covering various aspects such as the range of G Suite products, pricing details, storage options, and service allocations for each subscription plan.

G Suite/Google Workspace Line of Products

Every G Suite plan you acquire comes with the following services or applications.

  • Gmail: To communicate via the exchange of emails
  • Drive: To store and access data or information online
  • Meet: To communicate via video /audio conferences
  • Calendar: To create, manage and exchange calendar events online
  • Chat: To communicate via text messages through online chat
  • Currents: To engage employees via internal enterprise communication
  • Jamboard: As an interactive display board to perform tasks and operations
  • Docs: To create and manage documents in Google format online
  • Sheets: To create and manage spreadsheets in Google format online
  • Slides: To create and manage slides in Google format online
  • Keep: To take notes through text, lists, voice, and images mediums
  • Sites: To create and modify websites without coding skills
  • Forms: To create quizzes and perform surveys using collaboration and sharing features of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Is There a Free Trial Available for G Suite?

Certainly. We offer a 14-day complimentary trial period to all users. To access this trial, you only need to provide essential details such as your business name, the number of employees, your country, email address, and optionally, your business domain name if applicable.

Following the 14-day free trial period, users must commence monthly payments for their chosen plan.

Types of Plans Available (With Pricing, Storage & Users Limits)

Obtain essential details regarding the G Suite offerings, such as pricing, maximum user allowances, and user limitations, by reviewing the information presented in the table below.

G Suite Plan Pricing Storage Maximum Users
Business Starter Rs 125 per user per month 30GB Cloud Storage/user 300
Business Standard Rs 672 per user per month 2TB Cloud Storage/user 300
Business Plus Rs 1260 per user per month 5TB Cloud Storage/user 300
Enterprise Need to contact sales for pricing No Limit No Limit

Know More About G Suite Features in Each Plan

Let’s delve into the attributes of each plan to assist you in making an informed decision regarding your future plan selection. We’ve outlined the primary G Suite applications and highlighted the distinctive features offered in various plans.

  • Gmail:
    All four plans offer business email, personalized email, ad-free emails, and phishing protection services.
  • Drive:
    Google Drive File Stream and support for approximately 100 file formats are included in all four subscription plans. However, Team shared drives and Target audience sharing features are exclusively accessible to subscribers of the Business Standard, Business Plus, and Enterprise plans.
  • Meet:
    Max. meeting length is 24 hours for all four plans; also, digital whiteboarding, US/international dial phone numbers are available in all the plans.

    Meeting recordings (Google Drive storage), Hand raising, Breakout rooms, Polling & QA are available in Business Standard, Business Plus, and Enterprise plan only.

    Attendance tracking is available in Business Plus and Enterprise plan, while Noise cancellation service can only be found in the Enterprise plan.

    For Meet Video/Audio Conferencing, 100 participants are allowed in the Business Starter plan, 150 participants in the Business Standard plan, and 250 participants each in Business Plus and Enterprise plans.

  • Chat:
    The team messaging service is included in all four G Suite plans, while the services of auto-accepting invitations, chatting outside the domain, and toggling chat history on/off by default are exclusively offered in the Business Standard, Business Plus, and Enterprise plans.
  • Other Collaboration Apps:
    All four plans offer a range of features, including shared calendars, conference room booking, collaborative content creation with tools like Docs, Sheets, and Slides, shared notes using Keep, website building via Sites, survey creation using Forms, employee engagement through Currents, writing assistance, Smart Fill, Smart Cleanup, and more.

    Connected Sheets and Build apps without code (Appsheets) services are available in Enterprise plan only

    Smart (Cloud) search is not available in the Business Starter plan and for 1st party data in Business Standard and Business Plus plans and for 1st and 3rd party data in the Enterprise plan.

  • Management & Security:
    2-step verification, Group-based policy controls, and Advanced protection program services are available in all four G Suite plans.

    Secure LDP, and Vault (retain, archive, and search data) services are available for Business Plus, and Enterprise plans only.

    The Enterprise plan exclusively offers a range of features, including Cloud-identity premium, Context-aware access, Data regions, Access transparency, S/MIME encryption, and Security center services.

    Endpoint management service is Fundamental type in Business Starter, and Business Standard plans while it is Advanced type in the Business Plus plan and Enterprise type in the Enterprise plan.

    Assured Controls service with added Access Management can be used by the Enterprise plan users on additional costs.

Given the factors mentioned above, you can choose the most appropriate G Suite plan for your business.

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