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For an organization, security of its data and productivity of its workforce are highly important. Losing control of any of these aspects will have catastrophic effects on the business. Today, business operations are not limited to the office premises but are scattered all over the globe. Many businesses have multiple offshore offices, and many of their employees work from home. Such changes have given rise to many challenges.

Managing the workforce effectively

Managing the workforce is of high priority for organizations as it is the workforce that manages all other resources. Many organizations use multiple tools or methods to monitor their workforce to keep them motivated and focused towards achieving professional goals.

There are many reasons why organizations monitor their employees –

  • The employees who are working remotely or from home, need constant engagement with their peers and managers. It compels them complete their tasks within time. A monitoring tool can help the business managers to act proactively.
  • If the employees are using personal emails, social media, or unverified websites, then tracking will help you to ask employees to stop using them.
  • Increase Employee Productivity with User Activity Monitoring as you may easily check how much time the employee has spent to complete the assigned task.
Is stealth monitoring beneficial for businesses?

Many individuals think that an employee monitoring tool is a threat to the privacy of the employee. But you should understand that organizations always plan their works based on time-constraints. They want to achieve specific targets under a specific time; and for that, you want your employees to work with their maximum efficiency.

All the employees are skilled in different fields, so some of the employees will achieve the expected results within the allotted time, but some employees will not be able to do so. That’s where monitoring will play its part. The manager can monitor them and understand which employee needs assistance, training, or extra time to complete the task. The benefit of stealth monitoring is that employee will not be aware that company is monitoring him, and he so will not feel pressurized.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer tool

Computer monitoring software can monitor an unlimited number of computers on a central computer and watch the live or previous recordings. You can consider it a surveillance camera pointed at the employee’s computer screen and recording all activities. The tool can monitor local as well as global computer present in the scattered networks.

What does Employee Desktop Live Viewer Offer?

There are a great number of benefits for EDLV tool. They are:

  1. Stealth monitoring.
    It is the best feature of the Employee Desktop Live Viewer tool that it does not leave a single trace of its existence on the computer. The employee neither can find it or uninstall it using any method. It will not appear in the program list or control panel. Only an EDLV administrator can choose to stop monitoring the computer.
  2. Remote monitoring.
  3. You can use this tool for monitoring employees globally. If any employee’s computer is outside the office premises, then also the tool can easily monitor it with the help of its Global IP address.

  4. Does not modify data.
    The tool only records the live activities of employee computers and does not make a single change to any file or data.
  5. Remotely controls the computer.
    Although the tool does not make any changes to the saved data, it can perform certain actions on the computer, like Lock, Restart, or Log-off the computer. It can also send a message of up to 200 characters.
  6. View or download previously recorded videos.
    The tool allows viewing the previous recordings as well. The video will be in .avi format. The administrator can choose to view or download a previous video based on a date range.
  7. Manage settings.
    There are various settings available to you which make need-based monitoring possible. These settings are – saving location, day or size for auto-deletion of video, picture quality, and the text for the notification message.
  8. Assign monitoring tasks.
    If the number of employees in your organization is quite high, then you can choose to create multiple administrators and assign specific computers for monitoring.


While there are many monitoring tools with different features and benefits, there is hardly a tool which has all the required needs for monitoring. Employee Desktop Live Viewer is one such tool which provides an easy and highly sophisticated user-interface with all the feature to conduct the monitoring.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer
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