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Summary: Modern kids have easy access to the internet, exposing them to various risks like malware, inappropriate content, cyberbullying, privacy invasion, and more. Parents must educate and protect their children by fostering open communication about these online dangers. Parental control tools, like Employee Desktop Live Viewer, can help monitor and manage children’s internet activities, ensuring their safety and responsible usage.

Today’s children are digitally savvy, well-versed in the latest technologies, and often more proficient than their parents when it comes to the online world. They have access to a vast array of information and possibilities thanks to technological advancements. Kids spend their time browsing the internet on their devices, engaging with various social media platforms, and interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. But the question arises: How does this digital immersion benefit them? Undoubtedly, children acquire knowledge through online activities, develop skills in areas like programming, access educational content, and even enhance their language skills through movies and quizzes.

However, there is a darker side to all of this. Is the internet truly a place where users seek essential information and enhance their expertise? Unfortunately, not always. Statistics indicate that as internet usage rises, users face significant security risks, including falling victim to cyber predators and engaging in potentially dangerous interactions with unknown individuals. Various websites host explicit and inappropriate content, which can be tempting for children who are naturally curious, leading them into troublesome situations.

Over time, parents have become increasingly aware of their children’s desire to browse web content, leading them to show greater resistance. In fact, over 90% of parents are deeply concerned about the vulnerability of their children to cyber threats, causing them significant anxiety when they consider the kind of content their kids can access. These concerns are well-founded, given the potential dangers that children may encounter while navigating the internet.

Before delving into the precautions for the aforementioned challenges, it’s essential to understand the potential online risks and issues outlined below:

Malware Hoax

Ransomware attacks on computers and smart devices have become a common occurrence, but they can be effectively managed. These harmful viruses often infiltrate through email attachments and malicious links. However, the real challenge lies in educating your children about these threats. Their curiosity and quick actions may inadvertently lead to mistakes, such as clicking on spam links or sharing sensitive information with unknown identities.

Access to Malapropos content

While exploring the web, your child may encounter content that can be detrimental to their personal development and moral values. This explicit content may include pornography, offensive language, violent videos, and disturbing material that can evoke negative emotions and disgust in your child’s mind.

Cyber conning

Teenagers are vulnerable to online bullying by malicious individuals who sow seeds of discord and hatred among children. These agents employ various methods to indoctrinate young minds, instilling feelings of revulsion and animosity.

Privacy Attack

Offenders and lawbreakers can exploit communication channels such as social chat rooms and media platforms, as well as public access to user profiles, to obtain sensitive user data. This data can be used for committing crimes and violating legal obligations.

Sexual Harassment

Regrettably, the internet has increased the likelihood of our children being exposed to physical harm by interacting with strangers through social networking sites like Facebook. These interactions can sometimes lead to in-person meetings or casual dates, posing serious risks to their safety.

Excessive use of Gadgets & Internet

Internet addiction is a cause for concern among parents, as excessive gadget use and unbalanced online activities can consume valuable time that could otherwise be used for productive pursuits.

Pernicious & abusive content

Online platforms and social media channels have become breeding grounds for the distribution of potentially harmful content related to drugs and narcotics, targeting young individuals. These channels are often used to distribute dangerous drugs and addictive pills, with the intention of luring and controlling young boys and girls. Reports indicate that more than 25% of teenage online users have been affected by such malicious practices.

How to protect your child from such practices?

Managing the situation sensibly is paramount for parents. Trust and faith are essential emotions that strengthen the parent-child relationship. Imposing a strict ban on internet usage can backfire, hindering your child’s mental growth and potentially leading to conflicts. The best approach is to engage in open, constructive conversations with your children, helping them understand the risks of excessive device and internet use. These discussions should focus on raising awareness about the potential dangers they might encounter online.

Experts anticipate the emergence of parental control tools designed for installation on teenagers’ devices. These tools will help parents monitor their internet usage and track their activities efficiently and in real-time.

Kernel Employee Desktop Live Viewer is one such a tool that is significant at an organizational and domestic level to ensure data security, productivity, and efficiency. Also, it is an advanced employee computer monitoring software for monitoring desktop activities of your kids without even informing them. Its invisible nature fascinates tech-savvy parents to install the same on the work system of their children.

  • Invisibly records desktops & tracks activities of your children
  • Monitors multiple desktops at a time from different demographical locations
  • Comprehensive surveillance of systems on the network
  • Viewer console of this tool is powered by an option to delegate Viewing rights (for all/selected computers & floating laptops)
  • Facilitated with optimal settings options to specify the Recording Location, Video Retention Settings, Picture Quality Settings, Pop Up Notification Settings and other parameters
  • Option to send regular notifications or instant alerts to kids
  • Can Lock, Restart, and Log-Off Connected PCs if needed


Installation of this computer monitoring software allows you to record the desktop activities of your children. Thus, this tracking tool encourages your children to stop certain unwanted misconducts while accessing the internet.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer