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Modern kids are technically adept, and they are well equipped with latest technologies that are cackling in the market with their latest offerings. When it comes to the web experience, their reach is far more advanced than that of their parents. With the expansion of the technology, they are exposed to a world of new-age possibilities. They spend their time browsing through different content across the internet sites on their respective devices. The kids are becoming smarter with time as they stroll through various social media platforms and interact with people from diverse domains. But here’s the million-dollar question: How is this helping our kids? Needless to say, our kids are constantly gaining knowledge through their activities on the internet. They are developing their skillset by learning new programming languages, watching videos that relate to their day-to-day activities, participating in quizzes and contests that impart knowledge and watching movies that are massively beneficial for their linguistic proficiency.

But what’s the darker side of all these? Do you really think that the internet is a place where visitors browse for grasping essential information or augmenting their expertise? Not in all the cases. Statistics suggest that with the increase in the use of the internet, severe risks related to security are experienced by the users – ranging from falling prey to the cyber predators to risking lives due to malicious intimacy with unknown and unidentifiable ones. There are websites of various types that contain pornographic and opprobrious content. Children, being extremely curious at their ages, are more prone to browse those websites and sometimes end up in troubles.

Now with time, parents are seemingly poised in showing resilience to the wish of their kids for browsing web content. More than 90% of the parents are awfully overwrought with the information of cyber-vulnerability, and hence they are frightened after knowing the type of content their kids can access. But their reasons for concern are adequately justified keeping in mind the inevitable perils their kids might encounter with time across the internet.

Before thinking of the precautions to the above-mentioned adversities, one should go through the below-mentioned calamities that are possible in the online world:

Malware Hoax

Computers and smart devices getting attacked by ransomware is a prosaic circumstance that can be dealt with dexterity. The intrusion of the harmful viruses occurs through mediums like emails and malicious links. But the challenge lies in enlightening your children about these attacks. Their agility and curiousness might lead them to commit mistakes that are completely unintentional such as clicking on a spammed link or sharing confidential information through emails with an unknown identity.

Access to Malapropos content

While accessing the web, your child may come trundle across content that is malicious to the human integrity and personal development. Explicit content types include pornography, scatological language, homicide videos, demoniac content that foment antipathy and disgust within the mind of your child.

Cyber conning

Teenagers are living at the edge of being bullied by agents across the internet. Such individuals promote enmity and malice among children and indoctrinate them through their methodologies instilling revulsion in their mindset.

Privacy Attack

Communication through social chat rooms, media channels, and enablement of public access to user profiles can be utilized by offenders and lawbreakers with the mindset of obtaining sensitive user data that are used for the purpose of committing crimes and violate legal obligations.

Sexual Harassment

Unfortunately, the Internet has bolstered the chances of our kids getting exposed to physical assault by communicating with a stranger through social networking sites like Facebook that often leads to individual offline meetings or casual dates.

Excessive use of Gadgets & Internet

Internet addiction is alarming for parents since an abundant usage of gadgets and disproportionate online activities depletes the invaluable time that could be used for increasing productivity.

Pernicious & abusive content

Potentially harmful content related to drugs and narcotics have been generated to trap young boys and girls. Distribution of dangerous drugs & addictive pills is processed through online channels and social media channels. They are mainly aimed at attracting girls and boys and control a racket from remote locations. Reports suggest that more than 25% percent of teenaged online users are affected by such malpractices.

How to protect your child from such practices?

It is of utmost importance for parents to manage the situation with sensibility. Trust and faith are two emotions that strengthen the relationship between kids and their parents. Putting a bar on the usage of the internet can certainly deteriorate situation for you. Radically restricting your kids from accessing the internet can act as a deterrent to their mental growth and might lead to domestic violence. The best way to deal with all this is to conduct a fruitful conversation with your precious ones and make them understand the side-effects of excessive usage of devices and internet. The focal point of such conversations should be to generate awareness among your off-springs regarding the nefarious dangers they might encounter during their internet usage.

At this stage, the experts predict the introduction of parental control tools that can be installed on the devices of teenagers to keep an account of their internet usage and also to monitor their activities in a timely and efficient manner.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer is one such a tool that is significant at an organizational and domestic level to ensure data security, productivity, and efficiency. Also, it is an advanced computer monitoring software for monitoring desktop activities of your kids without even informing them. Its invisible nature fascinates tech-savvy parents to install the same on the work system of their children.

  • Invisibly records desktops & tracks activities of your children
  • Monitors multiple desktops at a time from different demographical locations
  • Comprehensive surveillance of systems on the network
  • Viewer console of this tool is powered by an option to delegate Viewing rights (for all/selected computers & floating laptops)
  • Facilitated with optimal settings options to specify the Recording Location, Video Retention Settings, Picture Quality Settings, Pop Up Notification Settings and other parameters
  • Option to send regular notifications or instant alerts to kids
  • Can Lock, Restart, and Log-Off Connected PCs if needed


Installation of this computer monitoring software allows you to record the desktop activities of your children. Thus, this tracking tool encourages your children to stop certain unwanted misconducts while accessing the internet.

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Employee Desktop Live Viewer
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