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Spell check is not working in Outlook

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Applies to: All versions of MS Outlook

While using Microsoft Outlook, you may face problem of missing or misspelled words. It happens when you actually type in the signature area which is not included as a part of the spell checker.

To resolve this issue, ensure that you are not typing in the signature area. You can avoid typing in the signature area by putting two dashes (–) at the beginning of the signature.  Two dashes are recommenced as it is defined in an RFC as the universal signature indicator.

If in case, you accidentally type in the signature area and find it out at the end, then you need to change the spell check settings.

  1. Select the entire message using CTRL+A key
  2. Go to the Spelling dropdown menu and then choose Language.
  3. Clear Do not spell check box.

In this way, you can spell check the whole message and find out the errors. But it is better to use Autocorrect under 256 characters option than using signatures to insert blocks of text. When you sue autocorrect for content 256 characters, you need to assign a unique keyword. When you type the keyword, it will be replaced by the full text.

If you want to use longer blocks of text, use Quick Parts. Using this, you can enter larger blocks of text.  Here you need to type the first part of the text that is enough to make unique phrase and then press F3.

These are the ways through which you can make your spell checker work and avoid blunders caused just by some misspelled words in mail.

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